Why does Elon Musk’s mother call on critics to ‘stop being mean’ to him? ‘He gets a lot of hate’

Why does Elon Musk’s mother call on critics to ‘stop being mean’ to him? ‘He gets a lot of hate’:- The combination of Elon Musk Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Rockefeller. The former SpaceX employee made compliments Musk in the documentary prepared for Elon Musk.

In the same documentary, Musk’s mother also spoke. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, OpenAI, and brain-machine interface development company Neuralink, is on the agenda with his achievements as well as his social media posts.

Recently, similar statements have been made about Musk, who is seen as one of the smartest people by many people today. Speaking in the documentary “The Elon Musk Show” prepared by the BBC, the former SpaceX employee made interesting statements about Musk.

Dolly Singh, who served at SpaceX from 2008-2013, likened Musk to a combination of the best of science. The combination of Elon Musk, Einstein, Tesla, and Rockefeller. “He learned all about Tesla and Einstein. He’s learned everything he knows and is trying to take it to the next level.

I think he’s the closest we’ve had to this kind of figure in our time. When Musk finishes building on his legacy, it will be indisputable that he is a combination of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and John D.

Rockefeller.” Elon Musk’s mother also spoke: No one wants to be him. In the documentary, in addition to the former employee, Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk also made statements about her son.

Maye Musk, describing her son as a “genius”, added the following statements: “While many people admire his achievements, no one wants to be him.”

Front of his staff essentially saying, click here to, to extreme hard-core working conditions. It was not spelled out in the internal faq document how that might change the benefits you have, only you would be working harder, possibly working weekends.

The ultimatum he put in front of people intended to sort of weed out the people not adequately committed. Supposedly at this hour, not enough people have clicked that committal button to keep the place running.

What we are him from internal engineers, critical teens, and teens charged with the infrastructure that keeps twitter going, this is not some company, the way world leaders speak to each other, the way police get evacuation orders out, that site in danger of going down.

Some of the critical teens in charge of infrastructure supposedly walking out of the place. Another important thing to understand this hour, right now as we understand it, is an internal email went out to everyone, to share with colleagues that NBC, we are shutting down the offices, the big Twitter HQ, and iconic welding, and locked out this hour until Monday.

Not clear why that might be. The paranoia we have seen from Elon musk over the last few days seems to be reflected in the order to shut people out of the building. Tremendous resignation, the ultimatum does not seem to go the way he intended that the building is empty.

A lot of people in a short period, that building was the source of political unrest because Twitter got tax breaks from the previous mayoral administration including keeping it on midmarket street, downtown san Francisco at the time.

A lot of unrest going on on Twitter right now, a little bit of context, we have heard from people in other parts of tech, the videogame industry, and grinding on software is normal. It is expected as part of the culture, you’re going to work crazy long hours, you’ll get paid well you will get great benefits.

It is the way things are done. This feels different though. This feels like cultural shift people did not accept when they got there but now are forced to accept to stay there. Do I have that kind of right? I think you do. Looking at a big shift.

I understand somebody looking in from the outside, how can these people be complaining? some of the best-paid, most valuable employees in the world. In the complaints we have seen in recent days, Elon musk and his team are scouring the tweets of employees to make sure they do not disparage their former employer.

That is weird for a guy who claims to be a free-speech absolutist. Normal in corporate America, we, at any company, are required not to disparage that publicly. All of that, I understand. Also, see a big shift from what article of faith working at Twitter you were there as part of peace’s big important civic infrastructure, and you theoretically tried to keep people together.

Talking about the instrument by which world leaders, who have no other diplomatic channel to speak to one another get the word out to one another across Twitter. Extraordinary channel in terms of what it does, largely unique in this landscape at this moment.

I think the bargain of people working there made with themselves, we are going to go and work as hard as we can at this place because we believe in it. Elon musk begins talking about how he wants to blow that up.

He did away with the verification system that could prove anyone was who they say they wanted to be and wound up not only alienating big advertisers who got impersonated by various paying jokesters and wound up not just losing stock value but pulling out of the advertising they placed on Twitter.

Also by doing that, according to people, endangering what makes Twitter valuable. important infrastructure. I was a big to Twitter we have all been a critic of Twitter.

The people that agreed it needed to be improved, a lot of those people seem to be walking out the door at this hour. that is part of what is concerning here. I want to note, during the time we are talking, Elon musk tweeted again. He tweeted, how do you


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