Why did Elon Musk roast Andrew Tate recently?

Elon Musk takes a dig at Andrew Tate after his detention in Romania:- On the evening of December 31, 2022, Elon Musk shared a tweet about pizza that initially appeared to be innocuous. However, individuals who were following the recent controversy involving Andrew Tate, which had occurred just a few days earlier, quickly recognized that Musk’s tweet was actually a thinly-veiled jab at Tate.

Elon Musk’s tweet about pizza appeared to express a preference between homemade and store-bought pizza, without any obvious reference to Andrew Tate or the recent drama involving him.

Although many people appeared to interpret Musk’s tweet about pizza in a straightforward manner, some Twitter users, including Chill Pill, noticed a possible double entendre that seemed to be concealed within the message.

Elon Musk On Andrew Tate

The inclusion of a captioned picture that read “Andrew agrees” suggested that Elon Musk’s pizza tweet was not a random comment, but rather a reference to a viral Twitter thread.

This thread had circulated in the wake of Tristan and Andrew Tate’s arrest in December 2022 and had speculated that the latter’s detention might be connected to a video that showed him sitting in front of a pizza box from a well-known Romanian establishment. The implication was that authorities had used the box to track Andrew’s location and subsequently apprehend him.

Elon Musk’s dig at Andrew Tate is based on the latter’s arrest

Elon Musk’s apparently benign tweet about the homemade pizza was in fact a reference to a viral tweet by Alejandra Caraballo, a Civil Rights Attorney. Caraballo’s tweet, which had gained significant attention following the arrest of the Tate brothers in December 2022, had been posted on December 30 of that year.

It is worth noting that the Romanian prosecutor’s office later denied any link between the viral video of Andrew Tate and the Tate brothers’ arrest.

This statement appeared to contradict the earlier speculation that authorities had used the pizza box to track Andrew’s whereabouts and apprehend him.

Despite the subsequent denial by the Romanian prosecutor’s office, there had been widespread speculation at the time that the video of Andrew Tate sitting in front of a Jerry’s Pizza box was somehow connected to the Tate brothers’ arrest.

This speculation had likely contributed to the viral nature of Alejandra Caraballo’s tweet, which had prompted Elon Musk’s seemingly unrelated pizza comment.

The clip of Andrew Tate sitting in front of a Jerry’s Pizza box had originally been posted as part of a Twitter exchange with Greta Thunberg on December 27, 2022. In this exchange, Tate had tagged the climate activist in a post about carbon emissions from his luxury cars.

The subsequent back-and-forth had culminated in Tate’s sharing of the video featuring the pizza box, which some observers had speculated was linked to his subsequent arrest. The brand’s popularity had likely contributed to the speculation that the pizza box was somehow used to track Tate’s location.

Following Andrew Tate’s arrest, even Greta Thunberg appeared to make a lighthearted reference to the clip of him sitting in front of the Jerry’s Pizza box. In a tweet that resembled Elon Musk’s earlier comment, Thunberg joked that if Tate had recycled the pizza box, he might have avoided the need for an arrest altogether.

How did Twitter react to Elon Musk’s joke about Andrew Tate?

Elon Musk has often been referred to as a provocateur or troll by many of his fans, and his pizza-related joke had elicited a similarly tongue-in-cheek response.

Numerous followers had offered sarcastic expressions of agreement with his comment, which seemed to be a reference to the ongoing speculation about Andrew Tate’s arrest.

While many of Elon Musk’s followers had responded to his pizza comment with humor and irony, others had been more skeptical of the speculation surrounding the Jerry’s Pizza box.

Several users had pointed out that it was improbable that the pizza box was the actual reason for Andrew Tate’s arrest, despite the viral nature of the clip and the ensuing rumors.

Did Elon Musk tweet about Andrew Tate anymore?

In the aftermath of Andrew Tate’s arrest and detention, his official Twitter account had started making sensational claims about a supposed conspiracy involving “the Matrix” and its “agents.”

These claims, which had seemed to be at odds with the available evidence, had only added to the speculation and confusion surrounding the situation.

Elon Musk had subsequently shared a meme on his Twitter account, which some observers had interpreted as a direct response to Andrew Tate’s earlier claims.

The meme had featured an image of the character Neo from “The Matrix” movie franchise, along with the caption “I know Kung Fu,” which had seemed to poke fun at Tate’s conspiracy theories. However, Musk had not explicitly confirmed or denied any connection between his meme and Tate’s claims.

Given the obvious connection between the meme that Elon Musk shared and Andrew Tate’s earlier claims about “the Matrix,” it had not been difficult for many to see it as yet another instance of Musk’s trolling tendencies.

The image had featured the character Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, alongside a caption referencing his mastery of martial arts in the movie franchise, which had seemed to suggest that Tate’s claims were equally implausible. However, as with many of Musk’s social media posts, it was difficult to discern the true intent behind the meme.

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