Twitter’s Head of Trust Ella Irwin resigns, becomes second to quit the job since Elon Musk takeover

Twitter’s head of safety and content moderation, Ella Irwin, says she has resigned, becoming the second executive to quit the role since Elon Musk bought the social media company in October.  

A former executive at Amazon and Google, Ms. Irwin joined Twitter last June, shortly before the company’s former safety chief Yoel Roth resigned in November.

Ms. Irwin’s departure comes as the platform has struggled to retain advertisers, with brands wary of appearing next to unsuitable content.

Tesla chief and SpaceX founder Mr. Musk announced earlier this month that he hired Linda Yaccarino — former NBCUniversal advertising head — to become Twitter’s new CEO.

He said he would be transitioning into the role of executive chair and chief technology officer, overseeing product, software, and system operations. 

Fortune earlier reported that Ms. Irwin’s internal Slack account appeared to have been deactivated.

Ms. Irwin’s decision not to provide further comments on her resignation indicates her desire for privacy or her intention to keep the matter confidential. Meanwhile, Mr. Musk’s lack of immediate response to a media request suggests that he may be currently unavailable or choosing not to comment at that moment.

It is common for individuals, especially in high-profile situations, to refrain from immediate or public responses to media requests.

As the situation unfolds, it is possible that more information may become available or that either party may choose to address the matter in the future.

Receiving an automated reply with a poop emoji from Twitter via email is highly unusual and unexpected. It could indicate a technical glitch or an error in the automated response system.

I recommend trying to contact Twitter through alternative channels, such as their official support website or social media accounts, to report the issue and seek assistance.

It’s important to provide them with a detailed description of the problem encountered, including the email you received and any relevant screenshots, to help them understand and address the issue more effectively.

Since Mr. Musk’s acquisition, Twitter has undergone significant cost-cutting measures, resulting in the layoff of numerous employees.

This includes individuals who had been involved in various initiatives such as preventing harmful and illegal content, safeguarding election integrity, and promoting accurate information on the platform. These layoffs indicate a shift in priorities and resource allocation within the company under new ownership.

It raises concerns about the potential impact on Twitter’s ability to effectively address content moderation, combat misinformation, and maintain the integrity of its platform. As with any organizational changes, the long-term effects and outcomes of these decisions remain to be seen.

Mr. Musk, the well-known entrepreneur, has recently endorsed a feature called Community Notes on Twitter. This feature allows users to supplement their tweets with additional context, aiming to counteract the spread of misleading information on the platform.

By enabling users to provide more context to their tweets, Community Notes may enhance transparency and facilitate a better understanding of complex or nuanced topics.

Mr. Musk’s promotion of this feature reflects a growing recognition among influential figures and social media platforms that combating misinformation requires proactive measures. It is an example of ongoing efforts to empower users and promote responsible information sharing in the digital space.

Twitter is currently facing mounting scrutiny from regulators concerning its moderation practices. As a prominent social media platform, it has become a focal point for discussions on content moderation, misinformation, and user safety.

Regulatory bodies are closely monitoring Twitter’s efforts to ensure that it effectively tackles issues such as hate speech, harassment, and the spread of false information. This heightened scrutiny highlights the growing importance of responsible content moderation in the digital sphere.

To address these concerns, Twitter is likely to face increased pressure to improve its moderation policies, enhance transparency, and collaborate more closely with regulators to create a safer online environment.

Twitter recently made the decision to withdraw from a voluntary agreement with the European Union (EU) aimed at addressing disinformation. However, the social media platform reiterated its commitment to complying with forthcoming internet regulations within the EU.

This move indicates that while Twitter is no longer part of the voluntary agreement, it remains dedicated to adhering to the upcoming rules and regulations that will be implemented to combat disinformation and other online challenges.

By emphasizing its commitment to compliance, Twitter aims to demonstrate its willingness to cooperate with the EU’s efforts to ensure a safer and more reliable digital environment.

EU industry chief Thierry Breton issued a warning to Twitter last week, emphasizing that the social media platform cannot escape its legal responsibilities within Europe.

This statement suggests that Twitter must comply with existing regulations and obligations applicable to its operations within the European Union. Breton’s message emphasizes that no entity, regardless of its global reach or influence, can evade the legal framework established by the EU.

The statement serves as a reminder that Twitter, like other digital platforms, must adhere to European laws, which are designed to protect user privacy, combat misinformation, and ensure fair competition in the region.

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