Twitter Just Got a Major New Feature — and Is One Step Closer to Becoming Elon Musk’s ‘Super App’

A lot has changed at Twitter since Elon Musk purchased the company last fall — from massive layoffs to paid verification.

As of Thursday, Twitter users will have the option to buy and sell stocks and other assets via a partnership with social trading company eToro, CNBC reported.

Users can already access real-time trading data from TradingView on index funds such as the S&P 500 and shares of certain companies, including Tesla, by searching for ticker symbols with Twitter’s “hashtags” feature.

Twitter New Updated Features

The new partnership will broaden those hashtags to include more instruments and asset classes, an eToro spokesperson told the outlet. Additionally, users will be able to click a “view on eToro” button to navigate to eToro’s site, then buy and sell assets on its platform.

It’s another step in the “super app” direction Musk envisions for the platform.

During a question-and-answer session with Twitter employees last June, Musk said the U.S. has no equivalent to China’s WeChat, a messaging app that also allows users to make payments, book flights, and more, and that a new Twitter could fill that gap, Reuters reported.

“We’re following that story [of Twitter’s transformation to ‘everything app’] probably like the rest of Twitter users,” Yoni Assia, eToro’s CEO, told CNBC. “So it will be exciting to see how Twitter focuses more on finance, and we hope to see our partnership expand even beyond this step.”

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has announced that the platform will soon be adding voice and video chat capabilities, allowing users to communicate with anyone on the platform without having to share their phone numbers.

Musk announced some major feature additions to Twitter. In a tweet, he explained that the new feature will enable users to initiate voice and video calls from their Twitter handle to any other user on the platform. Users will be able to chat with people all over the world. Additionally, Musk is also adding encryption to Twitter DMs and adding the ability to respond to any message in a thread, not just the most recent one, and use any emoji reaction to react to it. 

Musk stated that the release of encrypted direct messages (DMs) version 1.0 is scheduled for tomorrow. He emphasized that the encryption is robust enough that he would not be able to see the contents of a user’s DMs even if there was a gun to his head.

The new voice and video chat feature is expected to take Twitter closer to its dream of becoming a super app, which has been Musk’s vision for the micro-blogging website. The introduction of a calling feature on Twitter will allow users to stay within the app for personal interactions. It will be interesting to see how it will be received by the platform’s user base. 

After spending the past few months shaking up Twitter internally, Elon Musk is now looking to the future.

Just days after announcing a new CEO, Twitter is reportedly acquiring tech talent-hiring platform Laskie, Bloomberg first reported on Tuesday.

Laskie was co-created by the serial Twitter user and startup founder Chris Bakke, who previously sold hiring startup Interviewed to Indeed six years ago.

Neither Laskie nor Twitter confirmed the acquisition or announced the terms of the deal. And Bakke, who I always see on my Twitter feed, has been suspiciously offline since early May.

It’s a surprising move for Twitter, which recently cut upward of 3,500 employees and sold its pricey office furniture and is still, after all, that, being sued by at least six companies for not paying its bills.

But perhaps the acquisition is a sign the company is on the mend. Musk previously announced Linda Yaccarino, an ex-NBCUniversal executive, will take on the role of CEO and he will act as the chief technology officer.

Building a super app

After acquiring Twitter against his will, Musk said his aspirations for the social media company involved becoming a “super app,” a one-stop shop for every digital interaction from messaging to buying groceries. It’s a goal Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has long aspired to achieve and something many companies in China already function as today

Laskie, which matches job seekers with prospective employers, may bring Twitter a step closer to its super app goal and allow it to compete with LinkedIn as a professional social networking platform.

However, Twitter doesn’t have a great track record with maintaining its acquisitions. The incredibly popular six-second video platform Vine was acquired by Twitter in 2012 for around $30 million and subsequently shut down four years later.

Twitter at the time said it wanted to reallocate resources toward live streaming instead of Vine, but then shut down its livestreaming platform Periscope in 2021, citing “unsustainable” levels of maintenance for the product. Periscope survived only six years under Twitter’s management.

This is Twitter’s first acquisition under Musk, but I’m not sure if Twitter will be able to catch up with Facebook and Amazon, both of which are far closer to super app status than the bird website is.

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