Threads might be annoying Elon Musk no end – but he’s still $137 billion richer than Mark Zuckerberg

As tens of millions sign up for Meta’s Threads, its new Twitter rival, Mark Zuckerberg appeared to rub salt in the wound by tweeting a Spider-Man meme to mark the launch of the new platform on Wednesday.

While the rollout of Threads may have irked Musk, who sent the Meta chief a cease-and-desist letter, he still has one up on Zuckerberg.

Musk’s net worth soared by $106 billion this year to $243 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Zuckerberg, however, got just $60 billion richer, with his net worth now standing at $106 billion.

Elon Musk’s immense wealth, which reached its highest point in 2021 at approximately $338 billion, is primarily connected to his ownership in Tesla. The value of Tesla’s shares has surged by an astounding 153% this year, resulting in a market capitalization of $860 billion as of Friday.

This exponential growth in Tesla’s stock price has significantly contributed to Musk’s wealth accumulation. As a major shareholder in the electric vehicle (EV) company, Musk has reaped substantial financial gains, highlighting the remarkable success and market enthusiasm surrounding Tesla and its innovative EV technology.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has experienced a remarkable surge in its stock value, closely following the soaring success of Tesla. In the current year, Meta’s shares have skyrocketed by an impressive 132%, resulting in a market capitalization of $744 billion.

This substantial growth in Meta’s stock price highlights the strong market performance and investor confidence in the company.

The evolution of Meta as a leading social media and technology conglomerate has positioned it as a significant player in the industry, attracting considerable market attention and driving its market value to new heights.

Tensions have escalated between Elon Musk and Meta (formerly Facebook) due to Meta’s introduction of a new platform. Musk has publicly accused Meta of hiring former Twitter employees to develop an app that he perceives as a “copycat.”

The allegation implies a sense of dissatisfaction or concern from Musk about Meta’s actions and their impact on the competitive landscape. These remarks indicate a growing rivalry and potentially strained relationship between Musk and Meta, as they navigate the evolving technology and social media landscape. Such conflicts can have significant implications for the strategies and future endeavors of both Musk and Meta.

Elon Musk expressed his opinion on Threads, a messaging app launched by Instagram, stating that it is essentially Instagram without pictures. Musk questioned the logic behind removing pictures from an app that is widely known for sharing visually appealing content, particularly “thirst pics” (attractive photos often meant to evoke desire).

He further commented that he has never personally felt the need for more comments on Instagram pictures. Musk’s tweet suggests his skepticism towards the concept of Threads and highlights his belief that the main appeal of Instagram lies in its visual content rather than increased commentary.

The situation takes an intriguing turn as it appears that Mark Zuckerberg has accepted Elon Musk’s invitation for a planned “cage fight” to resolve their differences. This development adds another layer of curiosity and anticipation to the ongoing conflict between the two billionaires.

While the idea of a physical confrontation between high-profile individuals is likely meant metaphorically, it symbolizes the intensity of their rivalry and the desire to settle their disputes.

The public response to this invitation and the potential implications for their respective companies and personal images will undoubtedly generate significant attention and speculation.

Elon Musk added further fuel to the cage fight speculation by tweeting, “I’m up for a cage match if he is lol.” This comment suggests Musk’s willingness to engage in a physical confrontation.

In response, Mark Zuckerberg swiftly fired back through an Instagram story, saying, “Send Me Location,” indicating his readiness to accept the challenge and meet Musk in person.

While the exchange may have an element of playful banter, it underscores the intensifying rivalry between the two billionaires. The public reaction to their back-and-forth and the potential impact on their public images and the perception of their respective companies will continue to be a subject of interest.

Information Source: businessinsider

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