This India-born scientist was specially invited by Elon Musk to Twitter HQ; why here?

This India-born scientist was specially invited by Elon Musk to Twitter HQ; why here?:- Over the past few weeks, the Twitter Files have made some big revelations about the platform before Elon Musk took it over.

So far, Musk has provided four installments of the Twitter Files, each focusing on a new issue. The second installment of ‘Secret Blacklists’ on Twitter revealed how Twitter curtailed the access of various users on Twitter.

This included an Indian-origin scientist named Dr. Jai Bhattacharya. Elon Musk specially invited the scientist to the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco to further investigate why he was on the ‘blacklist’.

Dr. Bhattacharya claims that he found some important information about how and why his access was limited.

This India-born scientist was specially invited by Elon Musk to Twitter HQ; why here?

In a tweet, Dr. Bhattacharya claimed that he had spent an afternoon at the Twitter headquarters at the invitation of Elon Musk. He revealed some details about the reason why he was not verified on the platform, as well as the possible reason why his account was limited on Twitter.

Bhattacharya claimed that he was put on the Twitter 1.0 ‘blacklist’ the day he joined the platform. He also believes that his pinned tweet could be the primary reason for this.

In his pinned tweet, Bhattacharya provided a link to the “Great Barrington Declaration”, an organization that advocates “focused protection rather than lockdowns to reduce both COVID-19 mortality and collateral damage on other health outcomes”. claims to provide insight on

In his tweet, Bhattacharya said, “Twitter 1.0 denied verification requests by me and @MartinKulldorff. The reasoning each time (we were never told) was that we weren’t notable enough. Should have asked – he would have confirmed our standing as “fringe epidemiologists”.

Bhattacharya thanked Elon Musk for letting him investigate. He also promised to reveal more details about ‘Twitter 2.0’.

This India-born scientist was specially invited by Elon Musk to Twitter HQ; why here?

In his tweet, he said, “It will take some time to figure out why Twitter 1.0 worked so stably, but I’m grateful to @elonmusk, who has promised to help find out. I’ll report the results to Twitter.” Will do.” 2.0, where transparency and free speech reign.”

Elon Musk replied, “Thank you for your rigorous adherence to science.”

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