The Tesla Cybertruck: Everything We Know About Elon Musk’s ‘Bulletproof’ Electric Pickup

“It is challenging to find a vehicle that has generated as much excitement as the Tesla Cybertruck did when it was revealed in the autumn of 2019. Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, a technology aficionado, or an ordinary individual who has been active online in recent years, chances are high that you are familiar with the EV manufacturer’s debut truck, and you likely hold a significant opinion about it.”

The extraordinary attention surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, is well-known for his charismatic personality and active presence on social media platforms like Twitter. His enthusiastic tweets about the Cybertruck being “the coolest car [he’s] ever seen” created significant hype and anticipation among the public.

Indeed, the Tesla Cybertruck’s design is a radical departure from traditional automotive design norms. Its sharp edges and dramatic angles give it a futuristic and unique appearance, standing in stark contrast to the typical rounded corners and aerodynamic lines found in conventional cars. The polygonal design has a distinctive aesthetic that resembles something out of a primitive video game, setting it apart from any other vehicle currently on the market.

Despite its unconventional looks, the Cybertruck doesn’t compromise on performance. As a Tesla product, it boasts impressive numbers, such as a remarkable 500 miles of electric range, which is a substantial achievement for an all-electric vehicle. Additionally, its towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds is exceptionally high, making it capable of handling substantial loads, a feature highly valued by truck owners.

The Tesla Cybertruck: Everything We Know About Elon Musk’s ‘Bulletproof’ Electric Pickup

By combining striking design elements with outstanding performance capabilities, the Tesla Cybertruck manages to captivate both enthusiasts looking for a novel and bold design and practical consumers seeking a powerful and versatile pickup truck. Its innovative features and technological advancements further reinforce Tesla’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and reshaping the automotive industry.

Indeed, the Tesla Cybertruck has been subject to several delays, a characteristic that has become somewhat synonymous with the company’s product launches. Originally, Elon Musk announced that the Cybertruck would enter production in 2021. However, due to supply chain challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, the production timeline had to be postponed by a year.

In January of 2023, Elon Musk confirmed reports that Tesla would finally commence production of the Cybertruck within that year. Subsequently, in July of the same year, the first fully assembled example of the Cybertruck rolled off the production line at Gigafactory Texas, marking a significant milestone in the vehicle’s development.

Despite the production initiation, the road to widespread availability for consumers has not been immediate. Mass production of the Cybertruck is scheduled to begin in 2024, meaning there might be a wait until the vehicle becomes widely accessible to the public.

Nevertheless, the Tesla Cybertruck has been one of the most highly anticipated vehicles in recent memory due to its groundbreaking design and promised performance capabilities. As the production timeline progresses and more information becomes available, enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly await the opportunity to experience this revolutionary electric pickup truck firsthand.

Cybertruck’s Engine, Specs and Performance

Absolutely, the Tesla Cybertruck’s performance promises have been one of its most compelling aspects since its unveiling. Elon Musk, known for his ambitious visions, did not hold back in touting the Cybertruck as a revolutionary electric vehicle. The performance claims made for the Cybertruck have generated significant interest and excitement among potential buyers and electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Some of the impressive performance figures promised for the Cybertruck include an exceptional range of 500 miles on a single charge, which is considered a remarkable achievement for an electric pickup truck. This extensive range addresses one of the common concerns with electric vehicles – range anxiety – making the Cybertruck a practical option for longer journeys.

Additionally, the Cybertruck’s towing capacity of up to 14,000 pounds is an unprecedented capability for an electric pickup truck. This feature positions the Cybertruck as a serious contender in the truck market, appealing to consumers who require heavy-duty towing capabilities for work or recreation.

The acceleration of the Cybertruck is also expected to be impressive, typical of most electric vehicles. The instant torque provided by electric motors can deliver rapid acceleration, providing a thrilling driving experience.

If the Cybertruck can deliver on its promised performance figures, it will likely solidify its position as a groundbreaking electric vehicle, setting new standards for the capabilities of electric pickup trucks. However, it’s important to note that real-world testing and customer feedback will ultimately determine how well the Cybertruck lives up to its claims. As with any innovative product, there might be challenges and refinements needed during the production and delivery process. Nonetheless, the Cybertruck’s potential to be a game-changer in the electric truck market has undoubtedly fueled its widespread anticipation and interest.

The Tesla Cybertruck will be offered in three different variants, each with varying performance and capabilities. The base model comes with one motor and a rear-wheel-drive system, while the two higher-end models will have all-wheel drive, achieved through two and three motors, respectively.

The tri-motor version of the Cybertruck is expected to deliver outstanding performance, capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. This rapid acceleration is a remarkable feat for a production truck and showcases the potential of electric motors to provide impressive power and speed.

While Tesla has not disclosed specific horsepower figures for the Cybertruck, it is reasonable to assume that each model will offer increasing levels of power and performance as the number of motors increases. With more motors, the Cybertruck can also achieve greater driving range. The top-of-the-line model with three motors boasts an estimated range of 500 miles on a single charge, which, at the time of its announcement, was a record for an electric vehicle. Although other EVs like the Lucid Air and the Tesla Model S Plaid have since surpassed this range, the Cybertruck’s estimated 500-mile range remains exceptionally competitive and one of the longest among electric vehicles on the market.

As the Tesla Cybertruck hits the market, it is likely to captivate consumers with its impressive range, power, and acceleration, further solidifying its position as a groundbreaking and highly sought-after electric pickup truck.

The truck also promises the kind of towing capacity normally associated with the most powerful gas-powered trucks on the road. At the unveiling, Musk claimed the single-motor model will be able to tow 7,500 pounds, the dual-motor 10,000 pounds and the tri-motor 14,000 pounds, which is almost twice as much as the top-selling truck in the US, the Ford F-150. Tesla has yet to demonstrate these claims, or address how a giant payload will affect the vehicles’ performance in other ways, but those are enticing numbers.

The Sci-Fi Exterior

Any conversation about the Cybertruck will likely start with its exterior—and rightly so. The pickup looks like nothing on the road today, or at any time in the past for that matter. And it’s hard to imagine that changing.

Almost from the moment it was revealed, the Cybertruck became a meme. The angular design is nothing if not bold. While other automakers obsess about smooth curves and flowing aerodynamic lines, the pickup is all sharp angles and flat planes. And that doesn’t just apply to its general body shape, but elements like its striking strip-like LED headlights, geometric windows and chunky wheel fenders. In fact, the designers seem to have been so dedicated to its geometric shape that they decided to do away with side-view mirrors entirely (though they’ll be included on the eventual production model).

The vehicle’s out-there design does raise some questions, though. One reason why cars and trucks embrace shared design elements is that they help the car withstand the rigors of daily use and potential collisions. But this isn’t the case with the Cybertruck. For example, the vehicle lacks a “crumple zone,” the area meant to absorb the force of a crash. Presumably, to offset this, the EV will feature an “impenetrable” structural skin of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel. Let’s hope it’s tougher than Tesla’s Armor Glass. The supposedly unbreakable material embarrassingly shattered not once but twice during the vehicle’s unveiling.

The Cybertruck’s bold design may have some unforeseen benefits, as well. Shortly after the first production example rolled off the line, the company revealed that the EV, which has four doors like other double-cab trucks, will measure less than 19 feet and have a bed over six feet long. That means that despite being shorter than its chief rival, the Ford F-150 Lightning, it has a longer bed. Its shorter length also means that it can fit into a standard garage, which was a genuine concern after its unveiling.

Is the Cybertruck a thing of beauty? No. Are there some questions about whether or not its design is even feasible? Yes. But Tesla and Musk deserve credit for designing a pickup that few can look away from. Not only does the EV look markedly different from other trucks on the market, it completely breaks from the design language of the rest of the brand’s roster. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that the road will be a more interesting place with it in action.

The Spare Interior

The Cybertruck’s interior is nearly as unique as its body. The exterior’s design language has been carried over, meaning there are lots of sharp angles, especially in the dashboard area, which looks like a flat ledge with a steering wheel and massive 17-inch touchscreen protruding out of it. It’s all a bit spartan, as are the seats. There’s some padding visible, but they don’t exactly scream comfort.

Yet the interior does look roomy. The marque claims that the Cybertruck, regardless of the version, can comfortably sit six adults and has 100 cubic feet of exterior storage. This will make sense to anyone who’s seen the Cybertruck up close; it’s 6.4-foot truck bed, or cargo bay as some are calling it, looks genuinely massive. But exterior storage isn’t just about the bed; the vehicle also offers lockable storage, including a vault, trunk and sailing pillars.

Add-Ons and Accessories Galore

Musk has promised that the Cybertruck will be so much more than a normal pickup.  In 2019, the CEO said that the vehicle would be available with some “sick attachments.” And the burgeoning industry of add-ons suggests that he could be right. A stainless-steel, Airstream-like trailer and a camper configuration will allow you to turn the truck’s bed into a mobile living space. Also in the works is the Cyberquad, a four-wheel, electric ATV that fits right into the truck bed.

And those are just the official, first-party accessories. Other companies are already trying to get in on the action. The years since the truck’s public debut have seen a slew of Cybertruck-inspired projects pop up around the globe. Perhaps most notable among these is a huge compound called the Cyberhouse that was very clearly inspired by the vehicle—and offers a garage that can actually house the pickup.

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