Tesla Model Y Review: electrical SUV pioneer finally has company

Tesla Model Y Review: electrical SUV pioneer finally has company:- Like the Model 3, their area unit has high highs, low lows, and a few new competitors

Pros: 300+ mile vary estimates; fast acceleration; exuberant interior space; simple and expansive compressor network

Cons: moving picture system will be distracting; common options not available; stiff ride; high beginning price; uncertain build quality

The Tesla Model Y is that the 1st sensible SUV from the pioneering heat unit maker. Sure, the larger Model X turns in some nice numbers relating to variety and performance, however, the inside layout lacks the flexibility expected of an SUV.

And don’t even get the U.S.A. started on the ridiculous falcon-wing doors. By comparison, the Model Y could be a heap additional ancient, with traditional doors and rear seats that fold to convey you flexibility between passengers and consignment.

On prime of that, it edges from abundant of what makes the Model three thus sensible, since it’s supported that sedan.

Unlike alternative carmakers, Tesla doesn’t adhere as strictly to model year changes. In a year, a Tesla may gain new options and execute fixes via over-the-air updates. costs conjointly fluctuate, as will the provision of sure versions.

Tesla’s name for build quality and responsibility conjointly leaves one thing to be desired, and therefore the interior’s uncommon, touchscreen-reliant controls won’t be for everybody. There are unit alternative technology oddities we tend to come in below.

In total, the Model Y remains a powerful selection among electrical SUVs, particularly thanks to its glorious variety and Tesla’s compressor network.

it’s still one among many selections, though, and therefore the competition is growing stronger. The Hyundai Ioniq five, Kia EV6, and Ford pony Mach-E area unit all glorious alternatives with abundant lower beginning costs.

What is the Model Y’s interior and in-car technology like?

The Model Y’s interior is hanging for its minimal style. The centerpiece could be a 15-inch touchscreen that appears additional sort of a pill mounted horizontally on the dash.

Missing area unit the banks of buttons, switches, and knobs found in alternative cars. The seats and interior panels area unit are upholstered with “vegan” artificial animal skin, and shoppers will choose from black or, at extra value, a white interior.

The fabric has the design and feels of real animal skin, however, it will be stifling on hot days, and sadly, cooled or oxygenated seats aren’t offered.

The front seat area unit is somewhat firm and flat, creating them liable to some onerous contact points on longer road journeys, and therefore the same holds for the second-row seats.

there’s a wealth of area for each row, as 6-footers can have quite enough headroom and legroom. The nonobligatory third-row seat area unit is notably incommodious and solely appropriate for tiny youngsters.

Despite its limiting area, it’s still nice having those seats as a possibility, once the carpool has to expand. Since the Model Y lacks physical buttons, the majority of function area units are controlled through the touchscreen.

As a result, the number of on-screen menus and settings will be discouraging, with a steep learning curve. The screen may also be distracting for the driving force since you take your eyes off the road to use it.

Many voice controls will remedy several of these issues, though. The wheel has solely 2 multifunction dials that manage several options like mirror positioning, audio, and controller.


A navigation system is a commonplace instrumentality, and it’s power-driven by Google. On one hand, it’s a decent issue as a result the maps and data are going to be up-to-date.

On the opposite, it suggests that you may have restricted access if you’re in a section with restricted knowledge coverage. sadly, neither Apple CarPlay nor golem car phone integration is obtainable, tho’ some aftermarket solutions may solve that.

There’s conjointly no wired audio link to your phone, forcing you to channel the audio through a lower-quality Bluetooth association. There area unit some out there streaming services and games to create up for it. All of the higher makes the Model Y atypical among most alternative cars.

How huge is the Model Y?

The Model Y is assessed as a little SUV even if its footprint isn’t abundant larger than the Model 3, which successively is concerning the scale of a BMW three Series sedan.

The Model Y is simply concerning a pair of inches longer {and three|and three} inches wider than the Model 3, however the massive height distinction. The Model Y stands a full seven inches taller.

Those larger dimensions translate to a big gain in the interior area. Enough that the Model Y will be optioned with the 3rd row of seats, tho’ they’re confessedly supposed for terribly little passengers.

The Model Y’s rear hatch conjointly permits for quite a bit of additional consignment capability, compared to the Model 3’s trunk.

The Model Y will accommodate up to 32 blockish feet of consignment behind the second-row seats and up to seventy-two. 1 cu-ft with those seat sunray.

If you choose the third-row seats, those figures visit three or four cu-ft, however even those specs area unit generous for each the compact SUV category and compared to the growing variety of crossover EVs. There’s conjointly a further four.1 cu-ft within the frunk (front trunk).

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