Sunny Hostin Delivers Harsh Warning to Elon Musk. Here’s Why?

Sunny Hostin Delivers Harsh Warning to Elon Musk. Here’s Why?:- During a Hot Topics segment on The View, Sunny Hostin discussed Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion and his promise to bring back free speech to the platform.

Hostin argued that Musk’s claims only apply to a certain group of users, specifically “straight, white men.” She expressed concerns that Musk’s ownership may result in changes that could negatively impact the platform.

In a statement released after his acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk stated that he sees the platform as a “digital town square,” where vital matters related to the future of humanity are debated. He emphasized that free speech is a cornerstone of a functioning democracy and that he intends to uphold this principle on the platform.

During The View’s Hot Topics segment, Sunny Hostin expressed concerns about Elon Musk’s plans to promote free speech on Twitter. She cautioned that this approach may not benefit all users, particularly those who have historically faced harassment and discrimination on the platform.

Hostin also warned that removing “guardrails” could result in an increase in harmful or offensive content and the unleashing of online trolls.

Sunny Hostin expressed her unease with Elon Musk’s plans to promote free speech on Twitter during The View’s Hot Topics segment. She stated that, in her opinion, Musk’s ideas are “a bit scary,”, especially for women who use the platform.

Hostin cited statistics from The Economist’s Online Intelligence Unit, indicating that 38% of women globally have reported experiencing abuse on Twitter, while 85% have witnessed others being subjected to such behavior.

Sunny Hostin noted during The View’s Hot Topics segment that, while Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has generated significant attention, the platform’s user base is relatively small. Hostin referenced a 2019 study by the Pew Research Center, which revealed that only 22% of adults worldwide use Twitter.

This statistic challenged Musk’s characterization of Twitter as a “digital town square,” suggesting that the platform’s reach may be more limited than he had suggested.

Sunny Hostin emphasized during The View’s Hot Topics segment that Twitter does not necessarily reflect the diversity of the real world. She noted that, on the platform, the majority of users are straight, white men.

Hostin expressed skepticism about Elon Musk’s promotion of free speech on Twitter, suggesting that his comments may primarily benefit this particular demographic.

Sunny Hostin expressed her willingness to disengage from Twitter during The View’s Hot Topics segment, given her concerns about the platform’s new direction. She stated that if Elon Musk’s approach to free speech primarily benefits a certain group of users, she will leave them to their own devices.

Hostin also noted that she values the “block” button as a means of shutting out noise on the platform. During a recent episode of The View, the panel operated with a three-person panel due to COVID protocols preventing Whoopi Goldberg from participating.

Despite the absence of the show’s longtime moderator, the remaining hosts made headlines with their discussion of TIME’s Person of the Year, Elon Musk. While Joy Behar and Sara Haines questioned the worthiness of the honor, Sunny Hostin defended Musk, citing his efforts to combat climate change. Hostin characterized Musk as a “different type of gazillionaire” who is helping to save the world.

The View’s discussion of Elon Musk’s selection as TIME’s Person of the Year initially followed a predictable pattern. Joy Behar expressed her reluctance to purchase a Tesla due to Musk’s Twitter feud with Senator Elizabeth Warren, while Sara Haines defended Warren’s criticism of Musk’s tax practices.

Haines argued that resorting to name-calling in response to Warren’s comments was unnecessary and distracted from the issue at hand. She emphasized that the broken tax code is a widely recognized problem that should not be taken personally.

Despite Elon Musk’s controversial reputation, Sunny Hostin chose to focus on his contributions to fighting climate change during The View’s discussion of his selection as TIME’s Person of the Year.

Hostin acknowledged Musk’s unpopularity but praised his work on electric cars and space exploration as key achievements that have helped reshape life on the planet. She argued that his commitment to fighting climate change was reason enough to overlook his tax avoidance, ultimately defending his selection as Person of the Year.

Sunny Hostin also highlighted Elon Musk’s philanthropic contributions to fighting climate change, citing his $100 million donation to research ways to remove carbon from the air or water. Hostin noted that while Musk’s reputation is controversial, his work on climate change is vital, especially given the existential threat it poses.

She contrasted his focus on philanthropy with that of other billionaires in space, arguing that Musk’s efforts to address climate change set him apart from his peers. Despite his tax avoidance, Hostin maintained that his contributions in this area were reason enough to recognize him as TIME’s Person of the Year.

It seems that the co-hosts of The View had differing opinions on Elon Musk’s TIME Person of the Year award and his contributions to fighting climate change. While Joy Behar and Sara Haines questioned Musk’s merit for the award and criticized his tax avoidance, Sunny Hostin defended him and cited his investment in addressing climate change.

Hostin pointed out that Musk has given $100 million to find ways to remove carbon from the air and water and reshaped life on this planet through his work on electric cars and space exploration. However, Haines pushed back by suggesting that Musk could also help those in need with his vast wealth.

It seems like the discussion on The View regarding Elon Musk was quite heated and involved different perspectives. Hostin defended Musk’s contributions towards fighting climate change despite his controversial history with taxes. Behar, on the other hand, criticized him for not paying taxes.

Meanwhile, Haines questioned why Musk hasn’t used his wealth to help people in need. The debate highlights the complex and often conflicting opinions people have about billionaires and their impact on society.

Things only got weirder from there. “Whoever tried to save the democracy deserves the face of TIME Magazine, and that would be Mike Pence, who, under duress —” said Behar. When Haines interrupted to remind her that Pence “took a call from Dan Quayle” before he voted to certify the 2020 election results, Behar agreed, saying, “Okay, let’s give it to Dan Quayle, then.”

Joy Behar shared that Ana Navarro’s mother passed away yesterday after a long illness. The co-hosts offered kind thoughts to Navarro, who was unable to be with her mother at the time of her passing due to the political instability in Nicaragua. As Behar explained, viewers will next see Navarro on Friday’s holiday episode, as it was taped earlier this week.

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