Substack CEO says he was ‘incredibly disappointed’ at Elon Musk for throttling tweets

Substack CEO says he was ‘incredibly disappointed’ at Elon Musk for throttling tweets with Substack links because it ‘hurt writers’:- “Substack’s CEO told The Verge that Twitter suppressing Substack links was “incredibly disappointing.” Chris Best said Twitter’s actions “ultimately hurt writers” and there was a “strong backlash.”

According to recent reports, tweets containing Substack links were allegedly suppressed by Elon Musk’s Twitter account. Substack CEO Chris Best has since expressed his disappointment regarding the matter.

Best mentioned in an interview with The Verge that Substack had recently launched a new feature called Notes, which allows users to share ideas and post short-form content, similar to Twitter Notes. He also mentioned his excitement about the launch earlier this month.

Following the launch of Substack’s Notes feature, which is subscription-based, writers began to observe that links to their blogs shared on Twitter were being suppressed on the platform. This was reported the day after the Notes feature was launched.

According to a report by Insider, users on Twitter stated that when they tried to interact with tweets containing Substack links, they received an error message suggesting that the link may not be safe. Substack also acknowledged that some writers had issues when trying to embed tweets into their blog posts.

According to Best, Substack began to receive complaints about the links not working after the launch of the Notes feature. He also suggested that Twitter may have perceived Substack Notes as a threat and responded strongly.

Best mentioned that Twitter’s actions ended up hurting writers who used the platform and also had an impact on Substack users. He suggested that the suppression of Substack links was disappointing and had negative consequences.

Best stated during the interview that Twitter was throttling links, falsely marking them as unsafe, and even trying to limit discussion around the word “Substack”. He expressed his disappointment towards these actions.

According to Best, there was a strong backlash in response to Twitter’s actions, and many individuals, including himself, disagreed with Twitter’s decision. He suggested that they did not make the right call.

Musk denies Twitter throttled Substack links

In a tweet dated April 8th, Musk denied that Twitter had blocked Substack links. He referred to Substack Notes as a “Twitter clone” and accused Substack of attempting to download a large portion of the Twitter database to kickstart their new feature.

According to Best, Musk’s claim was not accurate. He mentioned that Substack links on Twitter were functioning again by April 8th.

During the interview, Best mentioned that Substack had been attempting to resolve the situation and find a peaceful resolution that would benefit writers. He also noted that Twitter had not responded to Substack’s inquiries regarding how they could improve the situation.

Insider made a request for comment from Substack outside of regular working hours, but the company did not immediately respond.

Insider reached out to Twitter for comment, but only received an automated response that did not address the inquiry.

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