Snoop Dogg’s Twitter Poll users vote in Favor of Elon Musk’s resign

Snoop Dogg’s Twitter Poll as users vote in favor of Elon Musk’s resigning:- Musk and Dogg both conducted polls on Twitter, with Musk asking his followers if he should continue as the CEO of Twitter, while Dogg’s poll asked if he should take charge of the company.

Soon after Elon Musk conducted a Twitter poll asking users whether he should resign from his position as CEO of the microblogging platform, rapper Snoop Dogg conducted a similar poll, seemingly in an attempt to poke fun at Musk, while also promoting himself as a potential replacement.

Musk’s poll asked his Twitter followers whether he should step down as the CEO of the platform, while Dogg’s poll asked if he should take over the company.

In a span of just 11 hours, Snoop Dogg’s poll received an overwhelming 1,621,977 votes, with a staggering 81 percent of voters in favor of him taking charge.

Many Twitter users expressed excitement at the prospect of Snoop Dogg taking over Twitter. One user commented, “If Snoop becomes CEO, he’ll bring pizzas for everyone and likely rehire all the people Elon fired.”

Another user tweeted, “I would definitely vote for @SnoopDogg. President Dogg has a nice ring to it.”

Another user suggested that if Snoop Dogg takes over as CEO, he should rename the platform as “tWEEDter,” referencing his well-known association with cannabis.

Elon Musk’s poll received a total of 17 million votes, with 57.5 percent voting in favor of him resigning as CEO of Twitter, while 42.5 percent voted against his stepping down.

Earlier, the 51-year-old billionaire had informed a Delaware court that he would find a new leader to take over as CEO of Twitter. However, in a recent exchange on Twitter, when a user asked Musk about a possible change in leadership, he stated that there was currently “no successor” in place.

The poll results generated even more excitement, as Elon Musk, who also heads Tesla and SpaceX, had previously stated that he would “abide by the result.” It remains to be seen whether he will stick to his word.

Elon Musk has faced criticism from various quarters for his handling of Twitter since acquiring the platform for $44 billion in October. His recent decision to suspend the accounts of several journalists covering Twitter has also sparked controversy and raised many eyebrows.

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