Sen. Mike Lee says his personal Twitter account was suspended

Sen. Mike Lee says his personal Twitter account was suspended:- Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, reported that his personal Twitter account was suspended without prior notice or explanation.

Using his official Senate account, Senator Lee tweeted that he has contacted Twitter to request clarification regarding the suspension of his personal Twitter account.

In a tweet from his official Senate account, Senator Lee stated that his personal Twitter account, @BasedMikeLee, has been suspended. He further added that Twitter did not provide him with prior notification and has yet to furnish an explanation for the suspension.

According to CNN, the suspension of Senator Lee’s personal Twitter account was verified on Wednesday afternoon by accessing the profile, which exhibited a message from Twitter indicating the suspension.

However, by 2:30 pm ET, roughly an hour after the Senator’s tweet, it appeared that the account had been reinstated.

Which has downsized a considerable portion of its public relations team, did not immediately reply to CNN’s request for comment. However, in a tweet, Twitter’s owner Elon Musk remarked that the account had been “erroneously flagged as impersonation.”

Twitter has suspended the account of a sitting US senator for the second time in a month. The social media platform temporarily suspended the senator’s account for violating its policies.

In a similar incident in February, Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines had his account suspended over a profile photo that also violated Twitter’s policies. Following Daines’ suspension, Tesla CEO Elon Musk personally contacted the senator and had his account restored.

The senator, in a statement on his official Twitter account, revealed that his personal Twitter account with the handle @BasedMikeLee had been suspended.

He expressed his surprise and disappointment, saying that he had not received any prior notice or explanation for the suspension from Twitter. The senator added that he and his team were currently trying to understand the reasons behind the suspension.

The reasons behind the suspension were not immediately apparent or explained by Twitter.

Lee’s account was later restored around 2:30pm ET. The senator said he still hadn’t been given an explanation.

Since August 2022, Lee has utilized his personal Twitter account to share his views on political happenings in a more casual manner than is customary for politicians, especially senators, on the widely used social media platform.

On July 24th, Lee reportedly tweeted a message that is currently unavailable, in which he declared that “the haters can’t handle this frickin’ smoke.” He also tweeted another message on the same day, saying “This account is no cap — bussin, forreal forreal.”

The term “Based” is a slang expression frequently used by the right-wing internet community, and it typically connotes an attitude of not being concerned about the opinions or judgments of others.

Shortly before his suspension from Twitter, Lee had tweeted at Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida via his personal Twitter account.

In the tweet, Lee called for the release of US Navy Lieutenant Ridge Alkonis, who had been sentenced to three years in prison in Japan for his role in a fatal traffic accident that occurred in 2021. This issue has led to heightened tensions between the United States and Japan.

In one of his tweets, Lee demanded that Lieutenant Alkonis be transferred to the custody of the United States without delay.

Lee subsequently tweeted a warning to the Japanese prime minister, stating that if Alkonis was not handed over to US custody within the next seven hours, a campaign would be launched the following day to highlight the mistreatment of American military personnel in Japan, not only Alkonis but also the 55,000 US forces stationed in the country.

Following the expiration of a midnight deadline that Lee had set, he tweeted again early on Wednesday morning.

In his subsequent tweet after the midnight deadline, Mike Lee expressed disappointment with the Japanese government’s decision.

He warned that there would be uncomfortable discussions on the Senate floor regarding the issue that the Japanese government may not welcome. He further emphasized that this matter was far from over, and he would continue to pursue it.

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