RuPaul’s caused hilarious chaos following Twitter blue tick removal

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars cause hilarious chaos following Elon Musk’s Twitter blue tick removal:- It’s been reported that Elon Musk has announced his plan to get rid of the verified blue badges on official Twitter accounts, and it seems like the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race are taking advantage of the situation to have some fun.

Since the removal of Twitter’s blue verification badges, it has become possible for anyone to pose as their favorite celebrity by simply changing their name and profile picture.

Some former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants saw this as an opportunity to do one thing: impersonate the show’s host and icon, RuPaul.

Bosco’s initial tweet using her RuPaul persona was quite apparent: “I want to make it clear that Bosco is my top choice among all the queens who have competed on the show. When I step down, she will be the one to take over.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars cause hilarious chaos following Elon Musk’s Twitter blue tick removal

The tone of Bosco’s tweets took a humorous turn as she shared, “We have a new twist for Season 16 – if any contestants are not yet trans, we will be forcibly transitioning them!” This comment was especially amusing given Bosco’s recent coming out as transgender.

Bosco, who publicly came out as transgender the previous year, added a humorous twist to her tweets. She quipped, “We have a surprise for Season 16 – all the contestants who aren’t already trans will be forcibly transitioned!” This remark elicited laughter, especially since Bosco had recently gone through her own personal journey of gender identity.

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars cause hilarious chaos following Elon Musk’s Twitter blue tick removal

The article describes a playful and humorous exchange among former contestants of the television show RuPaul’s Drag Race on the social media platform Twitter.

The exchange began when a former contestant, Bosco, made an absurd comment on Twitter that winning the show would require mandatory bottom surgery. This tweet was clearly intended as a joke and added to the overall playful tone of the exchange.

Other former contestants, including Lemon from Canada’s Drag Race, joined in the conversation with their own humorous comments. There was a momentary concern that the tweets might be discussed on a news network like Fox News, but this concern did not dampen the playful banter between the alumni.

Luxx Noir London, a finalist from season 15, even went along with the joke that Bosco was actually RuPaul, the show’s host, and creator. Luxx Noir London humorously asked why she wasn’t in the top two, adding to the overall lighthearted and comedic nature of the exchange.

Overall, the article highlights a fun and playful moment among former contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race on social media. The exchange was not meant to be taken seriously but rather to provide some entertainment and humor for fans of the show.

Bosco kept up the comedic momentum with a few jabs at other Drag Race judges, Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews.

In one tweet, she wrote, “If I had to choose one judge to sacrifice to the Illuminati for more fame, it would have to be Ross.” This humorous comment added to the lighthearted banter among the Drag Race alumni on social media.

While fans found the humorous tweets from Bosco and the other Drag Race alumni amusing, some expressed concern that the humor might result in legal repercussions from RuPaul or the show’s producers.

Despite these worries, the playful and light-hearted exchange continued on social media, providing a moment of levity for fans and former contestants alike.

Some fans of the show found Bosco’s humorous tweets entertaining, but some expressed concern that her humor might go too far and result in legal consequences.

One fan tweeted, “Bosco, don’t take it too far. We want to see you on All Stars!” Another fan jokingly tweeted, “They’re going to send you home first on All Stars, Bosco.”

A third fan added a laughing emoji and wrote, “You won’t stop until RuPaul takes legal action against you!” The fans’ comments added to the light-hearted and playful tone of the social media exchange.

Miss Fiercalicious, a finalist from Canada’s Drag Race, also got in on the fun by impersonating Brooke Lynn Hytes, one of the judges on the Canadian franchise. She changed her Twitter display details to mimic the queen’s profile, joining the playful banter among the Drag Race alumni on social media.

In a tweet that mimicked Brooke Lynn Hytes’ persona, Miss Fiercalicious joked about her feet aching from years of walking en pointe. She then joked about the possibility of retiring as host of Canada’s Drag Race and handing over the reins to Fiercalicious.

The humorous exchange continued as she added, “Fiercalicious was robbed” in reference to her own performance on the show. The playful and absurd tone of the exchange added to the lighthearted atmosphere among the Drag Race alumni on social media.

Elon Musk’s recent announcement about removing the blue verification badges, also known as blue ticks, from Twitter accounts that do not pay for the social media platform’s subscription service, Twitter Blue, has received widespread criticism.

Critics have pointed out that this move may further widen the social media divide and disproportionately affect those who cannot afford to pay for the service.

Some critics of Elon Musk’s decision to remove the blue verification badges from non-Twitter Blue accounts have highlighted the potential for increased impersonation of high-profile figures on the platform.

As demonstrated by the playful banter among Drag Race alumni on Twitter, the lack of blue ticks can make it easier for others to impersonate celebrities and other public figures.

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