Musk’s second “Twitter Files” claims “secret blacklists”. But Why?

Musk’s second “Twitter Files” claims “secret blacklists”. But Why?:- External journalists working with Twitter owner Elon Musk posted a new batch of internal communication from the company on Thursday night.

Stating that the firm’s employees “Blacklist construction, stop the tweets disintegrated by trending, and the active form Limit the visibility of the entire accounts from. “

Why it matters: Elon Musk has implicated “Twitter files” as an attempt to show that his predecessors are engaged in censorship on Twitter.

Others, including experts from online platforms, say that documents only portray Twitter officials as incomplete, but in difficult cases are duty-bound struggle to implement complex policies.

Driving the News: In a series of tweets, the newsletter writer and the former New York Times opinion columnist Bari Ves highlight matters where Twitter has limited the distribution and recommendation of the tweets.

Weiss has zero many specific accounts, including conservative activists Charlie Kirk, Stanford Doctor J Bhattacharya, and Chaya Rayachik, which conducts the Libsoftiktok account.

Libsoftiktok has aggressively attacked the provider of gender-suit care for transgender youth, including Boston Children’s Hospital, which became a topic of the danger of the bomb.

Libsoftiktok was temporarily suspended and another action was taken – although Twitter did not permanently ban the account, as some civil rights groups said.

Flashback: The previous “Twitter files” installment by the newsletter author Matt Tabi focused on how Twitter handled a controversial decision three weeks before the 2020 presidential election, one about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. To limit access to the article.

  • Weiss says that he and Tabi “have extended wide and expansion to Twitter files.”

Between lines: Twitter has long made it clear that it can reduce the visibility of the tweet by users who violate its rules. However, the company has not always been transparent about when such action was taken or who was making those decisions.

Yes, but: The company also refused to practice “shadow banning” users, as many have charged many to the right.

But there is a lack of agreeable language in that word. While Twitter would not have assumed what it did “shadow ban”, others do it clearly.

Conspiracy: Musk says that Twitter will double on such a strategy, suspend fewer users and take low materials down in favor of limiting access to certain materials.

“The new Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not the freedom of access,” Musk said last month, adding negative and hate tweets: “You will not get a tweet until you want it exclusively, That is not different from the Internet. “

After Weiss’s report on Thursday, Musk tweeted, “Twitter is working on a software update that will show your correct account status, so you clearly know what you have a shadow, the cause, and how to appeal. “
The Big Picture: Twitter was in a hurry to adopt policies that allowed materials that were not restricted to be limited in visibility.

Other people in the industry have also moved in that direction, especially Google-owned YouTube, which has limited a significant part of distribution and recommendation of their efforts to limit the proliferation of conspiracy principles and misinformation.

What’s next: Weise promised to come from himself and Tabi.


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