Musk Estimates Tesla Could Sell 250,000-500,000 Cybertrucks Yearly

Among the many topics addressed by Elon Musk yesterday during Tesla 2023 Annual Shareholders Meeting, the Cybertruck inevitably popped up. 

As reservation holders and EV enthusiasts are waiting for initial production to start this summer at Gigafactory Texas, Elon Musk has provided an estimate of annual sales for the electric pickup truck.

He said he expects the Tesla Cybertruck to sell between 250,000 and 500,000 units per year once production is fully ramped, which is a huge number for an electric truck whichever way you look at it.

For example, America’s pickup truck sales leader, Ford, sold just over 653,000 F-Series trucks last year, including 15,617 of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup.

“I’d say a quarter million a year is a reasonable guess and it might be 500,000, I don’t know. We’ll make as many as people want and can afford. It’s going to be hard to make the cost affordable because it is a new car, a new manufacturing method, so in the grand scheme of things relative to the production rate of all the other cars we make, it will be small. But still very cool.”

The part about the high production cost will probably worry many reservation holders because Musk seemed to suggest the Cybertruck will be an expensive vehicle. 

While no one expects the Cybertruck to start at $40,000 as Tesla originally said in 2019 – Musk has since said the price would be higher – his statement above sounded like he is preparing customers for some significant hikes compared to the initial pricing. 

He also said Tesla does not just have to ramp up production for the Cybertruck, it also needs to improve the production cost efficiency, which is going to be “also a very hard thing.”

Tesla’s most affordable vehicle is the base Model 3 sedan, which starts at $41,880 with shipping, while its most expensive is the Model X Plaid or Model S Plaid, each carrying a starting MSRP of $109,880.

Elon Musk has expressed his personal enthusiasm for the Cybertruck, stating that he plans to use it as his own daily driver. According to Musk, he believes the Cybertruck will exceed expectations, indicating that he has a positive outlook on its performance and features.

While Elon Musk’s endorsement of the Cybertruck highlights his confidence in the product, it’s important to note that his personal preferences may not align with everyone’s expectations or requirements. As with any vehicle, individual preferences, needs, and opinions can vary significantly.

Regarding the specific production and delivery timelines for the Cybertruck, Elon Musk refrained from providing exact details. However, he did confirm that both manufacturing and deliveries are set to commence this year. The absence of specific timelines could be due to various factors, including potential production challenges or adjustments to the manufacturing process.

Given Tesla’s history of meeting production and delivery targets, as well as occasional delays, it’s important to stay updated with official announcements from the company. Tesla will likely provide more information as the production and delivery timeline for the Cybertruck becomes clearer.

Elon Musk’s endorsement of the Cybertruck as his daily driver and his statement about the product exceeding expectations reflect his personal enthusiasm. However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences when assessing a vehicle’s suitability.

Additionally, while specific production and delivery timelines were not provided, Musk confirmed that both manufacturing and deliveries for the Cybertruck are planned to start this year.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, the production and delivery of the Cybertruck are scheduled to commence later this year. Musk specifically mentioned that production would begin, and cars would be handed over to customers, implying that the company is progressing towards fulfilling its commitments regarding the highly anticipated electric truck.

In a previous statement, Musk indicated that a Cybertruck handover event would take place toward the end of the third quarter, which typically falls around September.

This event is expected to serve as a significant milestone, not only marking the initiation of deliveries but also providing reservation holders with crucial information regarding the truck’s specifications and pricing.

The Cybertruck has garnered substantial attention since its unveiling due to its unique design and promised capabilities. As Tesla’s first foray into the electric pickup truck market, it represents a crucial expansion of the company’s product line and further solidifies its position as a leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

Reservation holders and enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting updates on the Cybertruck’s progress, including details about its features, pricing, and availability.

The upcoming handover event mentioned by Musk is likely to address these questions, offering potential buyers a clearer understanding of what to expect from the Cybertruck.

As with any product launch, it is important to note that delays or adjustments to timelines can occur. Therefore, while Musk’s statements indicate a target timeline for the production and delivery of the Cybertruck, it is advisable to stay updated with official announcements from Tesla for the most accurate and current information regarding this highly anticipated vehicle.

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