Just in: Elon Musk Shares Meme On US Shooting Down Chinese ‘Spy’ Balloon.

Elon Musk on Sunday reacted to the destruction by a US fighter jet of a suspected Chinese ‘spy’ balloon that had been over US territory for several days.

The balloon was floating off the coast of South Carolina and its appearance startled the intelligence community in the United States, who said the country now relied on satellite technology to collect data.

Washington called it a “clear violation” of US sovereignty and informed China about the firing on Saturday.

Now, reacting to the destruction, Mr. Musk has responded to a BBC article he shared on Twitter about the US shooting down the airship over the Atlantic.

The CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX shared a funny meme, which shows the flying house featured in the 2009 animated film ‘Up’ being shot.

Meanwhile, China has confirmed that the balloon flying over Latin America is Chinese.

Beijing has expressed anger at Washington’s decision to shoot down a device it says was an unnamed weather-monitoring plane that went astray last week.

Its foreign ministry said the equipment was “civilian in nature and was used for flight tests”.

It also said that by downplaying the device the US “severely affected and damaged” relations between the two countries and lodged a formal complaint with the US embassy in Beijing.

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Information Source: NDTV

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