Is Elon Musk dating Mary Barra? Viral tweet

Is Elon Musk dating Mary Barra? Viral tweet debunked as hilarious reactions erupt online:- Elon Musk has a habit of making headlines on Twitter with his hot takes and viral tweets. However, this time a tweet about the businessman doing the number.

A Twitter user with the handle @blovereviews recently posted a photo of Musk holding hands with General Motors CEO Mary Barra and captioned it:

“Breaking: Elon Musk is now dating GM CEO, Mary Barra”

Is Elon Musk dating Mary Barra? Viral tweet debunked as hilarious reactions erupt online

The tweet is clearly a joke, as the original poster usually uploads content related to AI (Artificial Intelligence) through his account. Thus, the photo of Elon with Berra is AI-generated.

Even if one mistakenly believes that the two personalities are in a relationship, they should note that this is untrue, as it has not been mentioned in any report by any source.

Furthermore, as the tweet was intended in jest, it attracted the attention of SpaceX’s CEO, who responded by tweeting that he would “never wear that outfit again.”

Elon Musk is not a new name for many people active on social media. However, for the unversed, Musk is the head of several firms including SpaceX, Tesla, and Twitter.

Mary Barra, as noted, is the chief executive officer at General Motors, a position she has held since January 2014. Barra is also the first lady of one of America’s “Big Three” automakers.

Mary is married to Anthony Barra and is the mother of two children, while Musk, who has been married twice before, is currently single, according to media reports. He is the father of 10.

Netizens react to AI-generated image of Elon Musk and Mary Barra

The tweet featuring the AI-generated picture of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Mary Barra went viral almost immediately as several Twitter users posted their reactions.

Some were amazed by the realistic faces created by the artificial intelligence program, while a group of netizens was divided over the hands generated in the image.

Many also pointed out that a quick way to identify the photo was a fake was to notice the hands, as they did not look very realistic.

Mary Barra’s image with Elon Musk was generated with Midjourney v5

Twitter handle AllYourTech (@blovereviews) mentioned in one of its replies to the original tweet that the image was created using the Midjourney v5 program that was released in beta earlier this month on March 16, 2023.

Although the program didn’t seem to master the creation of human hands, it was impeccable at drawing individuals’ faces.

The original poster also talked about how such programs would improve in the coming months and that hands-on construction would seem perfect as well. @blovereviews tweeted additional AI-generated photos of the Tesla CEO alongside Mary Barra, AOC, and even Taylor Swift.

For starters, Midjourney v5 is accessible through the program’s Discord servers. Initially, novices will have a chance to use the program with a free trial for 25 image generations, after which they can purchase a subscription plan through the Account page on Midjourney’s website.