“I Studied Tesla in University”: Nigerian Man Converts Petrol Vehicle to Electric, Says It Does Not Make Noise

A talented Nigerian man, Chukwuemeka Eze, showed people how he converted a petrol vehicle into one using electricity The talented man revealed that the vehicle is not noisy and it can serve as a power bank to a person’s house According to him, he hopes to make billions of naira from the innovation he started after studying Elon Musk’s Tesla

A young Nigerian man, Chukwuemeka Eze, got praise from people on TikTok after he spoke about how he converted a petrol vehicle into an electric automobile.

In an interview with Luky Udu, the man said his journey of transforming petrol cars into electric started when he was an undergraduate at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Nigerian man converts petrol engine to electric

While in the university, he revealed he studied the work of Telsa and how the company makes its vehicles. Chukwuemeka believes he can make N20bn from his idea.

“I Studied Tesla in University”: Nigerian Man Converts Petrol Vehicle to Electric, Says It Does Not Make Noise

The talented man, whose name remains undisclosed, shared his motivation for converting petrol cars into electric vehicles in order to help young people save on fuel costs. Taking a tricycle as a test model, he showcased his innovative approach by placing batteries at the rear of the vehicle.

This conversion not only makes the vehicle more environmentally friendly but also brings several advantages. One notable improvement is the reduction in noise emission, making the electric tricycle quieter and contributing to a more peaceful urban environment.

Additionally, the converted vehicle is easier to operate, potentially simplifying transportation for both experienced drivers and newcomers alike.

The interviewer, Udu, likened the man to Elon Musk, a prominent figure in the electric vehicle industry known for his visionary work at Tesla. This comparison suggests that the talented man from Nigeria is viewed as a trailblazer and an innovator in his own right. Like Elon Musk, he is seeking to disrupt the conventional automobile industry and pave the way for a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

By converting petrol cars into electric vehicles, this talented individual aims to empower young people to save on fuel costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a cleaner and greener society.

His efforts exemplify the growing global movement towards electric transportation and highlight the potential for transformative change through innovation and individual initiative.

some of the reactions are below:

Michael Waters said:

“I’m not an Ibo guy, but with the talented people we have in this country, this is why we need PETER OBI as president.”

southside-comedy said:

“I know this guy, unn killed his dream, he wanted to dev shuttles fr unn they refused.”

June Reborn said:

“Is he open for investors? I for like put in money what’s his socialM. Handle?

idikeamos asked:

“Please can i get a fuelness generator?”

joe90 said:

“These are the reasons why the westerners wouldn’t want intelligent leaders for us but Olodo’s.”

Dcoal said:

“Nigerians has talents that’s why they venture over seas for greener pasture.”

BB said:

“God will motivate you more in Jesus name.”

Another Nigerian man who built a vehicle Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man in the Sagamu area of Lagos state amazed people with the vehicle he built by himself. The car looked like a tricycle (keke) from afar. It also has the body of a keke. But unlike it, the car has four wheels and a steering.

Hardworking man in a car factory

In other news, a video of a young man working in a factory stirred massive reactions as people became interested in his work. In the clip, the man had gloves on his hand as he stood beside the carcass of a newly painted vehicle.

Nigeria’s remote northeast, to travel on a revolutionary solar-powered bus service that could be a model solution for cities across the world. We’ll meet Mustapha Gajibo, whose vision has created a cutting-edge mobility solution amid the troubles of a crisis region.

And we’ll hear from people about the surprise benefits the new bus service offers them as passengers. Mustapha’s team refits gasoline minibusses with electric motors and battery packs. Charging takes about 35 minutes for a 150-kilometer range.

The energy source is Maiduguri’s plentiful sunshine, captured by more than 150 solar panels. They’ve so far converted 10 minibusses and more than 50 tricycles that are in service on the roads of Maiduguri. Small, flexible transport options such as minibusses are crucial to life in many cities around the world.

But most still run on heavily-polluting gasoline or diesel. Though Nigeria is one of the world’s biggest oil producers, people in the country regularly suffer from shortages and high prices at the pump. A ride on these solar-powered buses is not only cheaper; passengers have already picked up on other advantages.

Mustapha currently employs a diverse team of engineers, mechanics, technicians, and drivers. A welcome sign of recovery in a remote part of Nigeria that was plagued for more than a decade by the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The insurgency may have severely set back the regional economy, but Mustapha Gajibo is determined to realize his dream. He dropped out of university to start an electric revolution and named his company “Phoenix Renewables” after the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

Mustapha is already looking beyond adapting combustion vehicles and throughout 2022, his team has been working on its 12-seater pure-electric bus that they have conceived and built from the ground up. Earlier in 2022 he told us more about the project.

If it sounds like the 29-year-old is dreaming big, it’s because he is. For example, to properly harness solar power, he wants to build a battery Gigafactory in Africa.

Mustapha Gajibo aims to develop clean mobility solutions not only for Africa but on a global scale. For this young entrepreneur, it looks like the journey is only just beginning.

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