Fact Check: Is Elon Musk suing The View and Whoopi Goldberg?

Fact Check: Is Elon Musk suing The View and Whoopi Goldberg?:- An article claiming that Elon Musk is suing actress Whoopi Goldberg and her talk show, The View, has been doing the rounds on the internet.

On March 24, a writer named Alex Bruno shared a piece on the news website Spacexmania titled, “Elon Musk Sues The View and Whoopi Goldberg for $60 Million: Claims They Are Lying About Him.”

“It’s time to set the record straight. The View has been spreading lies about me and my businesses for far too long. They’ve made unfounded accusations, questioned my integrity, and tried to paint me as some sort of villain. Well, enough is enough.”

The article shocked several people online, with many supporting Musk’s move to sue Goldberg.

Elon Musk is not suing Whoopi Goldberg and The View

Although the article went viral, the piece written by Alex Bruno is not true. The article in question was published under the “Satire” section of the website, which means it is not a fact-based piece.

As per the Cambridge Dictionary, Satire is described as a way of “criticizing people or ideas in a humorous way, especially in order to make a political point.”

The satire piece gained so much traction that an alleged writer named Flagg Eagleton posted an article with the same headline in The Dunning-Kruger Times. It was then screenshotted and shared several times on Twitter.

The fake piece also quoted Elon stating:

“It’s very degrading. I’m over here trying to reinstate free speech in America, singlehandedly, and there she is calling me names. I have enough money to sue the entire planet. I’ll just focus my efforts and make them pay.”

Several individuals celebrated the move and criticized Whoopi Goldberg and The View for defaming Elon Musk in the past.

What else did the satire piece say about Elon Musk suing Whoopi Goldberg?

The satire article claiming Elon Musk is suing Whoopi Goldberg and The View for $60 million claimed that the hypothetical lawsuit was filed at a Los Angeles court and detailed the accusations.

These included Whoopi Goldberg and The View propagating that Musk is cutting corners on safety, mistreating his employees, and is involved in unethical business activities.

The article states that Musk is hypothetically garnering skepticism over his move, with “legal analysts” claiming that talk show hosts just share their views. The hypothetical piece ends with Musk stating that he won’t let talk shows tarnish his reputation and it’s high time he takes action against such shows.

As of this writing, Musk, who is usually extremely active on Twitter, has not reacted to the article in question.

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