Elon Musk’s Tesla is suing the ‘crap out’ of Alyssa Milano

According to online reports, Elon Musk has sued Alyssa Milano for defamation, seeking $200 million in damages. Tesla filed its own suit in response to Milano’s public criticism of the company.

After thoroughly examining the speculation surrounding Tesla v. Milano, we find this claim to be true.

Actually, Musk is taking legal action on behalf of Tesla against Alyssa Milano and against Kathy Griffin himself. If Musk prevails, Griffin could experience a total financial disaster.

Musk’s mother Alonda Musk-Jenner publicly urged people to stop being cruel to her son and to speed up legal proceedings. Elon took it to heart and resolved to make his aging mother proud.

“As long as I destroy my opponent, it doesn’t matter how much it costs me. Mother will not tolerate anything different.

Lawyers representing Milano claim they won’t bother coming there and will instead send an intern to make the argument for dismissal of the case “ridiculous”.

Musk’s minions say the Milano’s social circle has joined in the boycott, hurting sales (an estimated 174) and the brand’s position (an estimated 174 sales lost every model year).

Milano replied with a mocking tweet, saying “everything with Musk’s name on it lost its image.” She called Musk “a giant infantilist who should be fixing global hunger instead of buying assured exposure on a social media site.

Ouch. Looks like Alyssa Milano thinks she’s in charge. We’ll figure it out.

Elon Musk pointed to Volkswagen’s Nazi links after actress Alyssa Milano said she was trading in her Tesla for a VW over “hate and white supremacy” on stage.

In a tweet on Saturday, the “Charmed” star suggested trading in his car because of Musk, challenging advertisers to leave the platform.

Milano tweeted, “I gave my Tesla back. I bought a VW EV. I love it.” “I’m not sure how advertisers can buy space on Twitter. Pushing products from publicly traded companies into alignment with hate and white supremacy doesn’t seem like a winning business model. “

Conservative comedian Hodgtwins responded that Volkswagen was “literally set up” by the Nazis, to which Musk responded with a laughing emoji and a “100” sign.

Volkswagen was founded in Germany in 1937 as a state-owned enterprise under the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler. After World War II, it became a pillar of Germany’s economic recovery under the guidance of the UK.

According to the History Channel, the brand struggled to penetrate the American market in the post-war years, partly because of its Nazi heritage. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, four concentration camps and eight forced labor camps were located on company-owned property.

Milano is one of several celebrities who voiced their opposition to Musk’s Twitter, which has seen an increase in hate speech following his acquisition. A report released by Musk on Saturday said that figure has since returned to pre-acquisition levels. Advertisers have quit in large numbers regarding their concerns regarding such issues.

Tesla owner and author Stephen King has been an outspoken opponent of Musk since the acquisition and on Saturday called him a “terrible fit for Twitter,” though he praised Musk’s achievements with Tesla.

The Milano is the latest high-profile Tesla customer to express concern about the car, though for different reasons to “It’s Always Sunny” actor Glenn Howerton, who couldn’t access his Tesla for days because of key-fob issues.

Musk faces stiff competition from Volkswagen, especially for EV sales outside the US. A study by Bloomberg Intelligence predicted that the German automaker would dethrone Tesla as the world’s largest EV maker by 2024.

The world’s richest man has had a cold relationship with other carmakers, joking in the past that Tesla, which doesn’t have a marketing department, gets free advertising from publicly challenging competitors.

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