Elon Musk’s son becomes trans woman, appeals to cut all ties with ‘her’ father

Elon Musk’s groupie hoes insisted he took over Twitter to champion free speech, but they and everybody else knew he was only ever doing this to quash progressive movements because the powerful resent, the kind of mass mobilization Twitter has been used to create.

So on top of riddling the app with a million glitches, he has neither the intention nor the ability to correct them. Elon has re-platformed bigots like James Lindsay and Jordan Peterson. He’s suspended leftist accounts like that of my leftist mafia co-host Matt Binder.

He’s promoted right-wing tweets and accounts all over everyone’s feed. He’s had the Twitter engineers go out of their way to game the algorithm to boost his whack-ass tweets. – Oh, you’re not in Baras. – And most recently, just to die any idea to this, ever gave a damn about free speech.

Twitter just rolled out updated terms and services, allowing them to suspend or ban anyone at any time for any reason. – You raggedy bitch. – But wait, there’s more because there’s always more.

He also quietly removed the policy against the targeted misgendering or dead naming of transgender individuals. The mythical shit the nut ass right comes up with to harass the trans people and satiate their transphobic asses while distracting everyone from the serious issues the trans community faces.

But serious issues you might ask? Oh, I mean, I don’t know. Maybe the fact that there’s been a 93% increase in tracked homicides of trans and gender nonconforming individuals in the United States in the last four years.

And that while only 13% of the transgender community is estimated to be black, black trans women make up 75% of all trans victims. But you wouldn’t know that if you let the right tell it.

If you let the right tell it, before Elon Musk, Twitter was out here violating your goddamn American right to call people, whatever you want, you bigot bitches.

They strummed up that particular straw man argument back when Jordan Peterson got banned. Who’s Jordan Peterson? – Kermit the frog, face ass right here, bitch. – If you let Republicans tell it, Jordan Peterson got banned because he merely dead named Elliot Page.

Here’s what this Mr. Crocker ass said. Republican politics can be boiled down to this. lyin, lyin, and lyin like shit. Because it’s about distraction. And I cannot think of a place that’s better illustrated than in their obsession with the trans community.

Republicans are obsessed with feeding the public fictional controversies about the trans community. Because while we the public are busy scratching our heads and feeling annoyed at why they’re being waterboarded with seemingly irrelevant shit like the right to dead name people on Twitter, you never come to learn that as of April 14th, legislators have introduced more than 400 anti-trans bills. – Facts.

And they introduced 165 bills like it last year. – Facts. – And at least 29 of those anti-trans bills introduced in the past three and a half months have already become law. – Facts.

While they’re busy distracting me with stupid Twitter shit, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey hasn’t just gone to the trouble of releasing an emergency regulation that says recommending or providing gender-affirming care is an unfair, deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful practice under state law.

And that’ll take effect April 27th and expire February 6th, 2024. The law will prevent transgender people of all ages from getting gender-affirming healthcare without having exhibited three years of a quote, medically documented, long-lasting, persistent, and intense pattern of gender dysphoria.

In other words, one of the requirements is that trans people have their doctors declare they’re mentally ill. – It’s an evil world we live in. – And let me be clear, the intention is for no trans person to have access to gender-affirming care. The stated exceptions are just an illusion.

He says he’s doing this to protect children. – I hope that y’all don’t fall for this. I hope y’all don’t get brainwashed by this. – No, this is criminalizing the existence and presence of trans people. And I’m not being hyperbolic.

He’s gone to the trouble of creating a complaint form on the Missouri government website where you can file a complaint if you see a trans person. This has never been about protecting children and they know that.

Even one of the kings of transphobia himself, your boy, Jordan Peterson, knows good and well the population of trans kids is negligible. – And I just thought mathematically right away, it’s like the chance you have a trans kid is one in 3000.

That’s not a very high chance. – Listen, this ain’t nothing more than good old-fashioned unabashed bigotry. That’s the reason they’re out here protesting Bud Light because they saw a trans person drink a beer.

What’s the protest? What’s the protest? Okay, what’s the protest really about? They saw a trans person drink a beer and now they are mad. Who they protected, not children.

Children not drinking Bud Light, now are they? Whether it’s fighting for their right to dead name trans people on Twitter, pretending gender-affirming care is the nightmare looming over the shoulders of children everywhere, or most recently bemoaning about the post-traumatic stress disorder they’re still recovering from since the last time they were forced to use a pronoun at gunpoint while the boogie man called them a birthing person.

Do you notice how I announce that silly shit to you and I neither burst into flames nor got mauled down by a group of angry trans people with pitchforks? That’s because trans people and absolutely nobody on the left gives a flying flaughck whether cis women refer to themselves as women.

We are not being forced to refer to ourselves as a birthing person by trans people or anyone else. It is a non-existent controversy strummed up by Republicans and anti-trans folks so that a society that is already reluctant to change, include, and just generally anything requiring a little bit of effort feels justified in lashing out at a community of people who are just trying to survive because they perceive them as a burden.

Republicans are not creating these fictional arguments for shits and giggles. Listen, the average person does not have the benefit of being tapped into every political issue, social justice movement, and the ongoing plights of communities they perhaps never come into contact with in their real lives.

So they are consumers. They trust that they’ll be presented with the major issues and realities from the news and their elected officials. So if they’re being waterboarded with fictional controversies meant to paint the trans community as whiny, prima Donna is trying to torture us all with the hell on earth that is inclusive language, they’ll believe it.

And then the trans community is left with no support, no allyship while Republicans run around passing all kinds of anti-trans laws that make it impossible for them to exist. Believe me, when I say to you, trans people are just as annoyed, if not more annoyed than you are, by the wall-to-wall media coverage devoted to trivializing their community and their plight.

Please trust that they are not trying to force anything on you. Trust that the least of the negativity they experience is having you **** up their pronouns and that they could care less about what you or I choose to call ourselves as cis people.

Hang it up and be serious. Otherwise, you look a lot like Elon Musk, the conch shell of the week. Okay, everybody’s heard of old wack-ass regular kangaroos. But have you heard of tree kangaroos? Tree kangaroos live in the trees of New Guinea.

They are slow and clumsy on the ground, but in the trees, baby, they excel. They’ve got thicker feet so they could walk about the trees and do little tree kangaroo shit. They’re endangered, but we love them.

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