Elon Musk the new ‘Troller in Chief’? | Fired Employees Who Questioned His Behavior. Why?

Elon Musk the new ‘Troller in Chief’? | Fired Employees Who Questioned His Behavior. Why?:- Twitter’s staff leaves for the door. Hundreds of employees reportedly quit yesterday after musk asked them to commit to a working fire or de-fire them.

Keeping workers who actually work. And the office poll says a quarter of them says they were reluctant to stay. This shows that he’s not eating around. Elon locked out his staff to prevent any of them from sneaking back in.

I have done it with killed all the tie but he crawls back from the window. You don’t have to respond to my insults? you don’t? no, just wait. Meanwhile, AOC, Kilmer’s ex could not help but stick her nose into it. Shoutout to all the workers at Twitter, you deserve so much better.

Millions of people appreciate the space you built and the hard work that went into it. Elon replied, “you are welcome,”. she walks into that one like a sliding glass door. So is Twitter bellying up or all of this temporary chaos is a sign of better things to come? this exodus means Twitter is in trouble.

The number of Twitter users has never been higher as the number of unnecessary employees shrink. That sounds like profitability and not collapse. Maybe things looked rough for Twitter right now but like I always say, the titanic had to sink so we can have the movie “titanic” I always say RP that, dave.

I gave you a prelaugh for that. There is a pill for that? do you always laugh prematurely? It happens to a lot of men. I made one comment about your diarrhea. That’s totally okay when he does it. What do you make of this anti-musk hysteria? what are they scared of? ed markee says if you don’t do what we want, we’ll look into your company.

That’s the corporation and the government working together. They’re always calling us factious. All the guy is doing is hey we are going to respect free speech. Now, you see these people freaking out, hey, wait a minute, you are freaking out because somebody may be able to speak freely.

Also, they are now backchecking the dems and just republicans. That’s definitely not composure. Must is being portrayed as a tough boss, do you regard me as a tough boss or a sensitive boss? it is amazing the way you view yourself. The good news is I could work anywhere.

I feel like oh this is how it is supposed to be. but, actually speaking of that and you actually, all this twitter being in the news and everyone having this meltdown like Twitter is going to end in two minutes, it made me do something really stupid.

The first thing I see is some guy why is that cat lady so kissed off as Greg? my wife said she’s a disrespectful lady. I was like thank you very much for calling me a lady. No one ever does that. It is true. It is such a nightmare, but maybe next time he’ll let his wife on the internet so she can tell me herself. right? exactly.

Scott Adams makes this great point that Elon musk fired his employees into the marketing department. Does this make the numbers go up? possibly. I could not figure out what was going on. Do you tweet? >> i am on twitterer. nobody bothers to impersonate you.

That’s so good. First, he’s got to have twitter then he goes i don’t want Twitter. I am going to assume you don’t by Twitter. he gets it and I will buy it, you don’t have to sue me. I am going to fire half of you, don’t come to work.

Then he says if you don’t work hard, I am to go. What is he trying to do? does he have a plan and get up and wing it? I am tired of going to my store. Let me harass the people. Not everything is “fox and friends.”. What do you mean? you have never seen “fox and friends”? I never saw it and I hosted it once.

You complained the whole time. It was the worst experience of my life. You are like when is this going to end? that’s not a good way of saying wake up, America. You are the anti-morning show coast.

One of the boxes at fox said I look like a child at a funeral. So, john, are you following this story? what do you make of musk as a person? he seems like he’s got he willsrprpwills hell of a person hardest work they have been doing all these years is censoring people like us and now they’re not able to sensor us, what the hell are they going to do? Maybe they’re pissed because they can’t get the ability.

Anymore. They think that Twitter will go under. I saw Bloomberg put out a report, something on tesla and it is saying all this stuff about tesla and musk goes false, false.


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