Elon Musk Taunts Trump with crude meme about Twitter ‘temptation’

Elon Musk is taunting former President Donald Trump with a crude, sexually charged religious meme to suggest he’s struggling to keep away from Twitter.

The world’s richest man shared the religious meme with his 118 million users on Sunday in response to Trump, 76, saying he had “no reason” to return to Twitter after new owner Musk reinstated his long-banned account.

It shows a monk in prayer as a young lady bends over in front of him — with the praying monk labeled “Donald Trump” and the woman’s otherwise naked behind covered with Twitter’s blue-bird symbol.

“And lead us not into temptation …,” Musk captioned it, using a line from the Lord’s Prayer.

“So tempting …,” he added, suggesting that Trump was struggling to stay away from his once-favored site after Musk allowed his return following a controversial poll.

The former president has insisted he will stay on his own Truth Social site, where he has 4.61 million followers, compared to the 87.4 million now following his so far inactive Twitter account.

Musk’s meme quickly went viral, getting nearly 700,000 likes and more than 64,000 retweets by early Monday.

“You really are pretty damn funny Mr. Musk,” famed psychologist Jordan Peterson replied.

It also, however, gave fuel to many of Musk’s many critics.

Trump insists he has “no reason” to return to Twitter, even though he has nearly 83 million more followers there than on his Truth Social platform. AP

“Beyond the obvious gross misogyny, this is so pathetically desperate on multiple levels,” seethed self-styled “progressive reformist” and California DNC member David Atkins.

“Imagine being the richest man on earth, and begging for the attention of Donald Trump and the approval of alt-right ‘influencers.’”

Sensei Ryan, a martial arts instructor with more than 22,000 followers, also blasted Musk’s tweet as “utterly tasteless, sacrilegious, and vulgar.”

“And it also shows the kind of man that you are,” he claimed of Twitter’s new free speech-loving owner.

Others suggested different interpretations of the meme, with one follower replying: “So are you admitting to bending over for [T]rump? Just asking.”

Elon Musk’s actions and the attention he seeks. The comment highlights the irony of being the wealthiest person on Earth while seemingly seeking validation from figures like Donald Trump and alt-right influencers. It implies that someone in Musk’s position should not need to seek approval or attention from such individuals or groups.

In addition, a martial arts instructor named Sensei Ryan, with a substantial following, criticized Musk’s tweet, describing it as tasteless, sacrilegious, and vulgar. This comment expresses a strong disapproval of the content and nature of Musk’s tweet, suggesting that it lacks proper respect, sensitivity, or appropriateness.

Both comments highlight different aspects of dissatisfaction with Musk’s behavior. The first comment critiques Musk’s desire for attention from specific individuals, potentially questioning his motivations or values. The second comment focuses on the perceived offensive or disrespectful nature of Musk’s tweet, particularly in relation to its content and potential impact on certain religious sentiments.

These comments represent individual opinions and perspectives that may arise in response to public figures’ actions and statements. It’s important to note that public figures like Elon Musk often face a range of opinions, both supportive and critical, based on their behavior, statements, and public image.

meme shared by Twitter’s new owner, possibly Elon Musk. The commenter asserts that the meme reveals the character or personality of the owner, implying that it reflects negatively on their nature or values. The phrase “the kind of man that you are” suggests a judgment of the owner’s character based on their involvement with the meme.

Furthermore, another follower responded to the meme with a different interpretation, questioning whether the owner is admitting to being subservient to or compliant with former President Trump. The comment uses the phrase “bending over” as a metaphorical expression to suggest yielding or submitting to Trump’s influence.

These responses reflect varying opinions and perspectives from individuals interpreting the meme in different ways. While one comment criticizes the owner based on their interpretation of the meme, the other comment raises questions about the owner’s potential political alignment and their stance toward Trump.

As with any online discussion, interpretations can be influenced by personal biases, assumptions, and differing viewpoints. It is essential to consider the context, intent, and broader discourse surrounding the meme and subsequent comments to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the perspectives expressed.

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