Elon Musk suspends Kanye West’s Twitter again after an antisemitic post. Take A Look

Elon Musk suspends Kanye West’s Twitter again after an antisemitic post. Take A Look:- Elon Musk has suspended the Twitter account of Kanye West (aka Ye) after the latter posted antisemitic tweets and violated the platform’s rules.

In response to mega founder Kim Dotcom, Musk clarified that Yeh’s account was suspended for “inciting violence,” not because the music artist posted an “unflattering” photo of the Tesla CEO.

Earlier today, West went on a tweet rampage and merged a picture of a Nazi swastika with the Star of David. Shortly thereafter, he posted on TruthSocial that his Twitter account had been temporarily disabled.

Afterward, Musk clarified that he “did his best” to get West to follow Twitter’s rules, but the rapper continued to post content that violated the platform’s rule against violence—which led to his arrest. This resulted in suspension.

Musk rounded off the saga by tweeting “FAFO” – go fuck it and find out.

This isn’t West’s first rodeo when it comes to breaking the Twitter rules. In October, his account was temporarily suspended for posting anti-Semitic content. But he doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson.

West has been the focus of news coverage since last night after Alex Jones appeared on Infowars and praised Hitler. Following this appearance, the House Judiciary Republican account deleted its October 6 tweet calling out “Kanye”. Elon. Trump”.

Shortly thereafter, social network Parlor said it was not buying the company after all. “Parlor Technologies confirms that the companies have mutually agreed to terminate the intent for the sale of Parlor,” the statement said.

In October, the company and the rapper reached an agreement to buy the social network for an undisclosed amount.

Earlier this week, Twitter posted a blog post saying that it is committed to healthy conversations under “Twitter 2.0” and that the platform has not changed any of its policies.

But on the contrary, the company has changed several policies regarding account verification and a cool-off period for new accounts trying to buy Twitter Blue subscriptions. Musk also offered a “general amnesty” for previously suspended accounts based on the result of a survey

When it comes to overall moderation policy, the new Twitter owner promised a “Content Moderation Council” in October with a “broadly diverse viewpoint.” There has been no development on that front.

Musk has talked a lot about being a “free-speech autocracy” and making Twitter a “public town square,” but the only policy he’s talked about repeatedly is suspending those accounts. who is inciting violence?

Elon Musk said Kanye West’s Twitter account was suspended Friday morning after violating the platform’s rules on inciting violence.

“I tried my best. Yet again he violated our rule against inciting violence. Account will be suspended,” Musk tweeted in response.

CNN could not confirm which specific tweet prompted West’s suspension. However, earlier in the evening, West – who has legally changed his name to Yeh – tweeted an altered photo of the Star of David with a swastika inside.

The tweet follows a series of anti-social comments made by West in recent months that have destroyed the musician’s business deals – such as a partnership with Adidas.

In late October, in a 16-minute video shared on YouTube by WmgLab Records, West addressed anti-Semitic comments as well as what he said about the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter and discussed his relationship with Adidas. terminated the business relationship. at some point after having recorded with him.

In the video, West did not apologize for his antisemitic comments, but appeared to try to distance himself from any “hate groups”.

West said, “I have no affiliation with any hate group,” ending his remarks in prayer. “If there is any hatred directed at any Jewish person, it is not connected (point to himself) because I am demanding that everyone walk in love.”

CNN previously reported that several people who were once close to West said he had long been attracted to Adolf Hitler — and once wanted to name an album after the Nazi leader.

A business executive who worked for West told CNN that the artist created a hostile work environment through his “obsession” with Hitler.

This isn’t the first time West has taken on Twitter. In October, before Musk completed a deal to buy the social media platform, Twitter locked West’s account over antisemitic tweets.


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