Elon Musk says Twitter’s new CEO has been hired. Who is Linda Yaccarino?

Linda Yaccarino made $100 bn for NBCUniversal. Will Elon Musk’s CEO pick save Twitter?:- Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced on social media that he has chosen a new CEO to lead the platform, which he acquired last year. Musk’s announcement has caused speculation and excitement about who the new CEO might be.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Linda Yaccarino, the head of advertising at NBC Universal, is rumored to be a top candidate for the position.

“Excited to announce that I’ve hired a new CEO for X/Twitter. She will be starting in ~6 weeks! My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops”, Musk had announced hours ago.

Here is everything you need to know about Linda Yaccarino, the rumoured top candidate for the position of Twitter’s next CEO.

1. According to her LinkedIn profile, Linda Yaccarino is a long-time executive at NBC Universal, having worked there since 2011. She currently holds the position of Chairperson for Global Advertising and Partnerships.

2. Yaccarino previously served as head of the company’s cable entertainment and digital advertising sales division. Prior to her tenure at NBC Universal, Yaccarino spent 19 years at Turner, where she held various executive roles.

3. Her last position at Turner was Executive Vice President and COO of Turner Entertainment Ad Sales. Yaccarino is an alumna of Penn State University. She has studied liberal arts and telecommunications.

4. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Yaccarino has been a proponent in the advertising industry for improving methods to measure advertising effectiveness.

5. As reported by Business Insider (which requires a subscription), Yaccarino has expressed her desire to become the CEO of Twitter to her friends in the past. She is known to be a supporter of Elon Musk and has advocated for giving him the time needed to turn the company around.

The Business Insider report also mentioned Ella Irwin as a potential candidate for the CEO position at Twitter. Irwin is currently in charge of the trust and safety division at Twitter and has reportedly built a positive relationship with Elon Musk following her promotion.

Musk has not publicly named Yaccarino but said Thursday that the new CEO will start in about six weeks, after which he will transition to an executive chair and chief technology officer.

The choice of Yaccarino, a longtime media industry insider, could signal a change at the ailing microblogging platform and prove a relief to advertisers, many of whom left Twitter after Musk took control. Twitter has laid off roughly three-quarters of its staff, and users have complained about outages and a shift in atmosphere amid sweeping Musk-led changes.

Elon Musk says he has picked a new CEO for Twitter

Whether Yaccarino will restore Twitter’s pre-Musk culture, double down on the tech executive’s approach or transform it into something else entirely will be a key question of her tenure — and users have wasted no time scraping her history to make predictions. Here’s what we know.

Yaccarino is chairman of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, where she oversees 2,000 workers on a team that has generated more than $100 billion in ad sales, according to her profile on the company’s website.

Her team has forged partnerships with Apple News, BuzzFeed, Snapchat, and Twitter, among others. Word of her talks with Musk comes at a potentially awkward time, as Yaccarino is scheduled to address major NBCUniversal clients on Monday at the company’s “upfront,” an event intended to attract advertisers.

Some Musk fans have zeroed in on Yaccarino’s work with the World Economic Forum, an organization of political power brokers and global business leaders that Musk has criticized, as a sign that she will return Twitter to its old ways or tamp down on Musk’s free-speech initiatives.

At the WEF, which promotes globalization and hosts the annual Davos forum, she serves as chairman of the Taskforce on the Future of Work and sits on a committee for media, entertainment, and culture, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In response to the concerns raised, Elon Musk reassured in a tweet that Twitter’s commitment to open-source transparency and accepting diverse viewpoints remains unchanged.

By making this statement, Musk aimed to address the potential apprehensions regarding any perceived changes or restrictions on Twitter’s platform. However, without the specific context or content of the concerns, it is difficult to provide a more detailed response.

In 2018, Yaccarino was appointed by President Donald Trump to serve a two-year term on his Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition. As Ad Council chair, Yaccarino also partnered with the Biden White House in 2021 to create a coronavirus vaccine campaign featuring Pope Francis.

Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino have had previous collaborations and appeared together on stage in Miami Beach for a talk titled “Twitter 2.0: From Conversations to Partnerships.”

This event was promoted as an intimate conversation focusing on Twitter’s impact on culture and its potential for marketers. Their discussion likely covered topics such as the evolving role of Twitter and its future prospects.

Additionally, there has been an expansion of the partnership between NBCUniversal and Twitter for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Linda Yaccarino hinted at this development in a tweet directed to Elon Musk last week.

The details of this expanded partnership and the specific involvement of Musk or any related projects were not mentioned in the provided information.

Linda Yaccarino, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, began her career in the media industry as an intern in NBCUniversal’s media planning department. In an interview with Salesforce, she mentioned that her passion for media blossomed during this internship.

Yaccarino has an extensive background in advertising, marketing, and acquisitions, spending almost twenty years in these fields at Turner. After her time at Turner, she transitioned back to NBC, where she has been working for over a decade.

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