Elon Musk Reveals Newest FEMALE Humanoid Robot 2022 | CHEAPEST EVER?

Elon Musk Reveals Newest FEMALE Humanoid Robot 2022 | CHEAPEST EVER?:- Every day we wake up to a headline saying, ‘humanoid robots serving in restaurants or ‘humanoid robots in hospitals’ or titles like ‘a female humanoid robotic nurse launched’ or ‘female robot servant in the house.

Such news leaves our jaws dropped and have us pondering – how far humanity has come, and whether one day you will have a female humanoid robot of your own too.

Well, say no more! Because thanks to advancements in the field of AI and robotics, more and more companies across the world are bringing affordable female humanoid robots into the markets for everyone to bring into their homes

most affordable and advanced female humanoid robots for just $500!

When it comes to bringing the humanoid robots found in fiction into reality, companies such as Hanson Robotics, Engineered Arts, and Boston Dynamics are at the forefront of the conversation. It is more accurate to state that a humanoid is a robot with human-like traits.

To mimic the human body, this sort of robot is built in such a manner. As a result, actuators are used, which, despite their structural differences, perform the same duties as muscles and joints. Humanoid robots employ rotary actuators to achieve the same results as humans.

Aside from their physical resemblance, humanoid robots today have been armed with skills, main core, and nervous system-like features that give them human-like abilities.

In the year 2022, the affordability of such female humanoid robots is put in question, but thanks to the few technologically promising companies from developing nations, cheap and affordable female humanoid robots have been launched in the markets for everyone to take home.

And this $500 female humanoid robot is a premium choice in the cost-effective humanoid robots category! The affordability and the low price range of this robot come due to various reasons, some of them being, cheap labor, sourcing of cheaper raw materials, developing economy, and lesser features compared to their expensive counterparts.

Surena IV?

And finally, this $500 female humanoid robot is called SURENA IV! Surena IV is an adult-size humanoid robot built by researchers at the University of Tehran in Iran. Surena IV is a fourth-gen female humanoid robot in a series of Iranian humanoid robots, which was unveiled in December 2019.

The humanoid is 1.7 meters tall with a mass of 68 kilograms. It is an adult size robot, capable of performing upper and lower body movements, and interacting with the host. She is capable of object and face detection, moves on rough surfaces, follows objects and faces, and writes and performs some exhibitive actions as well.

Moreover, the arm and hand of the robot have been designed to grasp the objects with different stiffness and geometries that enable the robot to do drilling, visual servoing of a moving object, and writing her name on the whiteboard.

This female humanoid robot has advanced features and offers better performance, and reliability when compared to the previous three models in the series.

Surena IV is also more nimble. Custom force sensors on the bottom of its feet help the female robot step over uneven surfaces by adjusting the angle and position of each foot. “Improving the robot’s interaction with the environment was one of the main goals of the Surena IV project,”

“Another important aim of the Surena IV project was to keep it cost-effective without compromising on the tech! We believe we manage to do so and now it’s available for purchase throughout the world for nominal pricing” – stated Professor Yousefi-Koma, the lead developer of the robot, tells IEEE Spectrum.

In general, Surena IV is more comparable to humanoid robots like UBTECH’s Walker, Honda’s Asimo, AIST’s HRP-2, Pal Robotics’ Talos, or KAIST’s Hubo — but these robots have already shown a broader range of capabilities.

Rivaling the most advanced robots in a very competitive market, the developers at the university of Tehran have achieved an unimaginable feat. And doing so while keeping the female humanoid robot cost-effective was a cherry on top.


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