Elon Musk reportedly asked to meet with the chair of the FTC but she rejected his request

Elon Musk reportedly asked to meet with the chair of the FTC but she rejected his request:- The New York Times reported that FTC chair Leena Khan declined Elon Musk’s invitation to meet. The regulator reportedly said that Twitter should instead focus on complying with its probe.

According to a recent report in The New York Times, Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Leena Khan declined a request to meet with Elon Musk late last year.

Musk’s invitation was an attempt to allay some of the FTC’s concerns about data privacy on Twitter, weeks after the billionaire slashed half of the company’s staff weeks after buying the social media company.

At the time of his request, the agency said in November it was tracking Musk’s takeover “with deep concern”.

In response to Musk’s letter of invitation on January 27, Khan declined the meeting, the Times reported, citing documents. The publication said the regulator has issued a request to interview Musk as part of its investigation, but that has not happened yet.

According to the Times, Khan wrote, “I recommend that Twitter appropriately prioritize its legal obligations to provide the requested information.”

“Once Twitter is fully compliant with all F.T.C. requests, I would be happy to consider scheduling a meeting with Mr. Musk.”

In February, Musk met with Christine Wilson, the agency’s lone Republican commissioner, according to the Times.

Wilson said in an opinion article published the same month for The Wall Street Journal that she planned to resign from her role as the regulator after accusing Khan of “abuse of power”.

Since he bought Twitter last year, the FTC has sent 12 letters to Twitter requesting internal communications related to Musk, the layoffs, and reporters who had access to company records, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

Earlier this month, Musk called the FTC investigation a “weaponization of a government agency” and a “serious attack on the Constitution.”

This isn’t Twitter’s first time dealing with an FTC investigation. The agency’s current investigation stems from a 2011 settlement related to data privacy concerns.

Last year, the Justice Department and the FTC agreed to pay a $150 million fine related to the settlement that Twitter said it failed to inform users that their phone numbers and emails were being used for targeted advertising.


“Elon Musk reportedly asked to meet with the chair of the FTC but she rejected his request”

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