Elon Musk NEW INSANE Motor SHOCKS The Entire Industry! How?

Elon Musk’s NEW INSANE Motor SHOCKS The Entire Industry! How?:- For the first time, Elon Musk has moved forward with introducing the production of a highly innovative electric motor that is going to have a carbon overwrap rotor.

Musk’s company Tesla Inc. has always been focused on producing Electric Vehicles or EVs that would have a positive impact on the environment, more so, by reducing carbon emissions.

And, that’s exactly where the role of this brand-new motor comes in! Interestingly, Plaid’s carbon-wrapped model is going to be the most sophisticated one on this entire planet. The company is striving to bring a series of upgrades and innovations to the EVs that are going to be produced by Tesla in the coming days.

Wondering what the most shocking fact is? Well, this insane carbon overwrap motor defies Physics! Now, that’s intriguing, isn’t it? In this video, we will be unraveling the new features of the Plaid carbon-wrought model and see how it is going to change the performance of the new Tesla cars.

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So, let’s see what this grand motor is all about! At the delivery event of Model S Plaid that took place just a few weeks ago, Tesla announced the delivery of the incredible carbon-wrapped motor.

Not only this, but Musk also teased the arrival of a higher RPM version that is soon going to be integrated into the Roadster. While speaking about the achievement of bringing out this innovative model, Musk remarked: “Something we’re proud of is the new carbon-sleeved rotors for the motor.

This is the first time that there’s, to the best of our knowledge, been a production electric motor that had a carbon overwrap rotor.” The journey of developing the Plaid motor was no bed of roses.

It was extremely difficult to bring into being the carbon-wrapped motor because carbon and copper have strikingly different rates of thermal expansion. As a result, it had to be wound at an intensely high tension to achieve the goal of a carbon overwrap rotor.

Musk had even released a few sensational images of this grand motor after terming it ‘INDESTRUCTIBLE’ in a press conference. No such traditional automotive parts or technology is going to be used in this insanely powerful motor.

Instead, an advanced technology that drives a Dyson vacuum cleaner is going to be used in this motor. What makes this new Plaid motor stand apart is that it is going to be lighter, more compact, and most importantly, cheaper than the other motors of the Tesla EVs.

Motors are going to be made of aluminum so that a robust scalable architecture can be raised. In that way, these motors can be used in any Tesla vehicle. The Plaid Motor can be easily integrated into several of Tesla’s future products.

A carbon sleeve is used in the motor, and it has to put the copper rotor in compression, or it loosens at low temperatures due to differential thermal expansion. A new machine that is going to do this was developed by Tesla Automation.

What is rather fascinating is to know that Tesla Grohmann Automation, based out of Germany, is witnessing spectacular expansions. And, this expansion is crucial in the sense that it needs to accommodate several other activities in the facility, more specifically, as Gigafactory Berlin is soon going to start its local operational procedures.

In this ultra-powerful motor, the absence of the preload is essential in maintaining a precise gap to the stator. The core profitable factor is that a more intense EM field is going to be formed as compared to a rotor that is held together by metal or high-strength steel.

Since the carbon sleeve prevents the copper rotor from expanding due to radial acceleration, the rotor can reach a higher RPM which is impressive.

This highly advanced motor is leading to the possibility of the generation of the fastest cars ever. Just as Musk had said: “I think we’ve taken it to a whole new level with plaid.”

Initially, when Tesla started developing unique carbon-wrapped motors, the company had come up with a grand land rocket that is well-known for being the quickest production car on the planet. Interestingly, it can reach a thunderous speed of 60 miles per hour in just 1.99 seconds.

Elon Musk's NEW INSANE Motor SHOCKS The Entire Industry! How?
Elon Musk’s NEW INSANE Motor SHOCKS The Entire Industry! How?

Tesla knows well how to nurture secrets. As much as all their plans have not been revealed yet, we know Tesla is planning to launch something grand that will break all its previous records. Found it astonishing? Well yes, it is- but that is the reality! The record of Tesla Model S Plaid’s intense acceleration is going to be surpassed by another vehicle of Tesla itself.

And yes, it is going to be the Roadster 2.0! By equipping this vehicle with the brand new carbon-wrapped engine, its acceleration will be taken to great heights. Previously, Musk had expressed his interest that Tesla will be using the same tri-motor powertrain that is being used in the Model S, for the new vehicle Roadster to elevate the performance level based on a small factor only.

But now, things are going to be slightly different because Tesla will probably be focusing on improving the powertrain technology. Anyway, now that the carbon-wrapped motor generating maximum RPM is going to be used in the construction of the Roadster, we can expect this new Tesla model to be having great power and strength.

Moreover, by empowering the car with SpaceX technology and a 620-mile range, the Roadster is surely going to establish itself as superior to the Model S Plaid.

While praising this monstrous motor in a tweet, Musk also mentioned: “We have to keep some secrets! We have a few ideas for increasing torque & max rpm even further for the new Roadster.

Fun & exciting engineering ahead!” Tesla is keeping no stone unturned to develop these amazing carbon-wrapped motors that are all set to deliver performances to such an extent that it is sure to stun the global population.

A special production machine is going to be designed by Tesla to launch a series of carbon-wrapped motors. It might be a small machine that can be lifted manually by hand but it can astonishingly accelerate a 2-ton car.

Now, that’s interesting! You can already assess the efficiency of the engine as it maintains a speed of 60 mph in 2 seconds. Musk is very excited to witness the historic production of the fastest cars that can make the vehicle “fly”.

Oh yes, such is going to be its pace, once the carbon-wrapped motor is integrated into it. The next-gen Roadster is going to be the successor of the Tesla car that kick-started things for the EV company, right from the beginning.

Although the previous version of the Roadster was based on the Lotus Elise, the Roadster 2.0 is going to be designed and developed from scratch by the company. It won’t be a remodeling of any other car but it will be an original, automobile masterpiece.

If you are wondering how different the carbon-wrapped motor structure is going to be, we are here to quench your thirst to know more about it. As you can see, the carbon-wrapped motor has the typical low V-shape that the Model Y did.

Right at the tip of the V, there is no iron bridge between the magnets. Though it can not be said with sheer certainty, there seems not to be any bridge in the inter-pole region too. By getting rid of the bridges, the Plaid motor attempts to use the fiber sleeve to hold the rotor in place.

This is important to eradicate the leakage flux path and thereby allow the rotor to spin at great RPMs. The magnets that you can see in the picture seem to be quite thick and that might be due to fulfilling the aim of driving enough flux over the gap.

Since Musk has been constantly re-emphasizing the functioning of copper in line with the carbon fiber sleeves, it can be implied that an induction motor is going to be used by Tesla.

Usually, induction motors don’t have sleeves of any kind, but then why does Tesla seem to be interested in including a sleeve in the induction motor? Well, one possible explanation could be to ensure the presence of open slots in the rotor or reduce the thickness of the ‘claw’ area between the bar and the rotor surface.

It is enchanting to know about one of Tesla’s grandest revelations about the launching of a four-motor model. By using this new electric motor that is going to hit the market real soon, Musk wishes to make even the cyber truck deliver fast performance.

But, this is not yet the end! The brand new insanely powerful carbon-wrapped motor is also going to be installed in the Semi Truck of Tesla. Wondering what it is? Well, it is a class 8 electric truck that offers top-notch comfort and safety to the driver and the passengers.

This truck is going to use as many as four independent motors to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 20 seconds, with the payload being able to accommodate as much as 80,000 pounds.

There is no doubt that this truck is going to leave a mark in the industry but its emergence has not eliminated the need for robust electric motors capable of delivering killer performance.

No wonder why Musk is bent on launching a unique, never-seen-before carbon-wrapped motor! A clear analysis of Musk’s interest reveals his desire of installing a carbon-wrapped motor in an electric jet. We won’t be surprised if he decides to power his private jet with this highly efficient motor. Anyway, the production of this highly advanced Plaid carbon-wrapped motor has almost reached a stage of completion.


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