Elon Musk: “New Cheapest Tesla Phone Model Pi Sales Open”

Elon Musk: “New Cheapest Tesla Phone Model Pi Sales Open”:- Thanos may have wiped out your favorite superhero but Tesla is here to breathe fire into the old bones of the phone industry. As a wise woman once said, “I want to respect tradition but not fear change”.

We stand at that wonderful precipice of change where someone is taking inspiration from what was and is using it to paint the town golden. Ironically, or unironically if you’ve followed Elon Musk’s career, Tesla’s vanguard in the phone industry borrows from the mathematical equation of Pi.

The one defining feature of it is that it’s endless after the decimal and it’s impossible to reach the end as numbers start repeating. The phone, much like that equation, is an amalgam of traits that never seem to end. We’ll list the useful features of the phone and the facts you should know about the device.

So, if you’re planning to buy it, we’ll say we’re jealous and call it even! The phone, not even out yet, is already making splashes across the globe. The Chinese edition of MyDrivers has gone so far as to call the device “a real gadget revolution”.

Elon Musk: “New Cheapest Tesla Phone Model Pi Sales Open”

And that’s from the buzz! We have no concrete announcement yet! That should tell you how real the hype is! Tired of owning a device only to have it be outdated by the next year where you buy the new one and repeat the cycle for an indefinite period? Join the millions of people hyped up for the Triple-A version of handheld touchscreen phones.

With innovative features that borrow technology from Elon’s other ventures, a phone that is capable of functioning on Mars! And giving you the satisfaction of owning a device that will never go out of style.

From connection to a satellite to responding to a thought of your mind, this phone will blow your expectation out of the water! The features of this phone not only make it years ahead of the curve but decades.

A working phone on Mars sounds fake but it’s not! Not anymore at least! Packed with features that seem pretty out worldly and that’s following the Mars statement! Other handy features like 4 cameras that can be commanded to record/capture 4 different things for that perfect angle, all of that seem like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie.

Who knows, maybe after the Pi model comes out, we might see it in Star Trek! Tesla, the brainchild of Times POTY 2021, Elon Musk, has never stayed true to the tried and tested roads. They have always managed to make new roads when it comes to innovation.

Aside from being technologically advanced, Tesla has also shown a remarkable will to exist. Back in mid-2021, when the world was in the grips of a microchip shortage, Tesla paved the way for itself and its sister companies.

The company pushed and invested heavily in being “self-reliant” and it is thanks to those steps, Tesla has posted record-breaking sales and deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Delivering a mind-blowing number of 936,172 EVs! You’d think we’re making that number up but Tesla is making a killing out there while you and I are binging The Witcher season 2.

Earnings were up by 87% and fans and skeptics alike are impressed by that number. And as a response, the Tesla stock jumped up by 13%, ushering in Elon Musk’s roaring 20s.

The Pi smartphone is going to be an excellent addition to its already impressive portfolio of Tesla. As a phone owner, the first thing people notice when they look at your device is the color! So, manufacturers started spending a good deal of money on polishing and making your device look oh-so-pretty.

Tesla is here to one-up your expectations of what a phone should look like. Unlike one toned polish finish, the Pi smartphone comes with a chromatic shade that reflects different lights.

So, imagine your phone looking a mild blue in broad daylight but rich burgundy as night rolls in! A very handy feature when it comes to impressing onlookers.

As your average environment enthusiast, it peeves us that we are lightyears behind on using the biggest source of energy we have! The sun! Solar energy is probably one of our biggest failures to date.

Harnessing solar energy to run your typically battery-operated devices is not a novel concept but it lacks mass adoption for it to be considered a successful attempt. And we’re not in ye old days of the 1800s or 1900s, we are closer to the quarter of the 21st century and we’re still relying on fuel and battery.

While having technology that can save us a lot of suffering locked away as Plan B. The Pi phone has a way to quell these queries of ours.

Elon Musk: "New Cheapest Tesla Phone Model Pi Sales Open"
Elon Musk: “New Cheapest Tesla Phone Model Pi Sales Open”

The phone works on solar power. With solar panels installed under the back cover, the phone runs entirely on energy captured and stored. Pi also has other smart features like compatibility with other Tesla products. If you own a Tesla vehicle, chances are you’ll end up owning a Pi as well.

And good news because your phone is capable of acting as the key to your car! With smart technology hooked to your engine, you can start or shut the car without your physical keyset.

Even more impressive is this next feature. Neuralink. A relatively new concept that AI businesses are trying to realize. Tesla may have found a way to incorporate the technology in their ultra-compact phones. This feature essentially responds to the commands given by your brain.

Thereby eliminating the need for you to touch your phone. very handy in situations you can’t touch or speak to the personal assistant voice that lives in your device.

Of course, you’ll still be able to talk with your phone and make a list of tasks, check your mail or make a grocery list! Neuralink is in a very experimentative stage but the fact that the rumors all speak of the phone coming out with that feature is the sole reason we’re on the edge of our metaphorical seats! Not only is that feature exceptionally handy, but it will also give a new life to people with physical disabilities.

Why should technology have restrictions when we have the tech to even out the playfield? And now, we’d like to touch on the feature that you all are waiting for! The Mars phone! If humanity ever does achieve success at taming other planets, Pi would become the first interplanetary phone.

That is a reality only possible because of Starlink technology. Starlink will not only provide connectivity to Earth but would also provide it to any colony of humans settled on other planets.

At present, there are 1600 satellites in low orbit making it the biggest artificial constellation. That number is bound to soar up as Tesla expands into the smartphone industry. With the world’s leading technology all coming packed in a neat little box, you won’t have to say goodbye to the conventional features.

Like photography. With four cameras at the back and one very powerful at the front, the phone is a worthy competitor to giants like Apple. The four cameras don’t work together, they work independently.

You specify which camera captures what angle. So go ahead and snap! The phone will only capture the best angles of your face! The one camera at the front comes installed in a way that doesn’t hinder the pristine glass screen of your phone.

The camera stays inactive and is neatly tucked away until engaged. Very handy on occasions you shove your phone carelessly in your pockets or bag. So, where is this bad boy and how can I get my hands on it, you ask? Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that given the intensity of rumors abuzz, we can expect an announcement fairly soon. And soon, you can expect next month or the first half of 2022. And as you might have guessed, the bad news is that we have no official confirmation or even a hint or even a tweet to allay our concerns! But the rumors are running and spreading like a wildfire.

Excited or interested in cryptocurrency? Do you invest in bitcoin? Do you hold SHIB tokens? Or perhaps Dogecoin, everyone’s favorite dog! Then this section is for you.

The phone comes with an inbuilt system that allows its user to mine crypto directly. Mining crypto is as it sounds. You “create” new tokens to be “minted” into the market. The phone enables mining for Marscoin, the cryptocurrency Elon Musk is sure that settlers will need on Mars.

So, in a nutshell, start saving those funds. This phone probably will sell faster than the PlayStation 5 you’ve been waiting to get your hands on forever. It won’t be the first time a product sells out in a pre-sale.

With smart features like color-changing skins, a Neuralink network, a connection that relies on a satellite instead of a tower that’s truly global on every scale, interplanetary uses, and crypto mining, you are going to be the Neil Armstrong of owning a powerful device.


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