Elon Musk meets Tim Cook | says ‘misunderstanding’ with Apple is resolved. How?

Elon Musk meets Tim Cook | says ‘misunderstanding’ with Apple is resolved. How?:- There’s the great firewall, which is what enforces all of this technological suppression and Tim cook is not the architect of it, but he is a brick mason.

Rob Lockwood last night on the show was talking about apple’s role and censoring the protests in china. We talked a little bit about that tonight.

Your home Elon musk is waging a war with apple CEO Tim cook, although there may be a little bit of a top late this afternoon, musk met with caulking’s claims cook has no plans to remove Twitter from the app store CNBC right? Elon musk may be brain apple into a fight with Republicans sources say at least 3 top republicans will meet with them later this week.

Elon musk vs CEO of Apple Tim Cook

Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not. There’s a huge issue as it relates to apple and china. Vince colonies here royal director for the daily caller radio host. I am in Washington, d.C., by all the important people, visit. Good to see you as always.

Are republicans making a little bit of a deal with the devil here on Elon musk? it’s hard to see what I mean, the common cause that they share is free and robust public debate and in that sense, it’s probably good that they linked up to the extent that that’s the case at all.

I mean, look, you musk is as far as we can tell, probably a lifelong democrat party voter for as long as he’s been in the united states. He is now indicated in the last election cycle. But he was supporting republicans for the first time about the left being gone much too far and he is.

But been very concerned about the constraints on speech that the left in the united states has been supporting and he’d like to reverse that trend, especially in a place as important as Twitter.

Whether or not you or I use it or whether or not an individual decides to use Twitter, maybe use another social media platform, the reality is that platform and ease have immense influence over how society is governed people, influential people, powerful people consume and every American consume at they get their news from there.

And for that reason, it must be a robust open public square. That’s when the on musk wants and that’s what some of these republican members of congress will play a lot of them want as well. I like to see all members of congress want that.

level, when you start talking about seriously restricting speech everybody can probably agree or at least, should agree that it times Twitter went too far. It’s interesting, though, that did sort of there these weird factions of splits among the current party.

Even senator Lindsey graham now says that that sort of a free for all and social is no longer an option. Take a listen. We need some regulatory environment to control the abuses of power here some want to do that little Elizabeth warren, you look for something that can bring us together in Washington. Social media is out of control.

Can the government ever be the answer to this though?

look what we have right now and are concentrations of power that are all over the place. That we have been corrupted and our abusing that power at the expense of the American people.

So whether it is corporations who align themselves with the ESG agenda, the environment, or social government’s agenda, which is left-wing politics using other people’s money, whether it’s the big tech companies who have done the government’s bidding and censoring content on the internet throughout covid, for instance, these are huge concentrations of power that are being abused.

The people have a right to ultimately live in a country that has robust access to that information at a healthy debate and you don’t have those things. You turn to the options you have in this case the government may be the answer. Was never to we did this last night, which is this concept that you’re now having CEOs.

Who is accountable to anybody but the board?

I know Tim cooked at your encounter. Owns Twitter. Maybe too, as investors in some way. I’m the banks know the debt. But you’ve got the CEO Zuckerberg and Facebook. Who set foreign policy set domestic policies.

Elon musk said- this never happened with the robber barons right?

but they may have been worth more times in the u.S. Treasury. But they at least were accountable. Internally that that’s no longer the case. But. is sick as soon as you start adding in.

We like this social media company because they allow free speech. But on the other hand, we don’t like Facebook because they don’t allow the kind of speech that we like. But at the next set.

We like an apple for privacy, but we want to happen to do something different in china. It was not set up to do all people. I would think you’d say that government is not the answer.


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