Elon Musk JUST SAID “Buy Tesla Phone Pi And Break IPhone 14”

Elon Musk JUST SAID “Buy Tesla Phone Pi And Break IPhone 14”:- Elon Musk is preparing to present a breakthrough solution. Also must just say buy a Tesla phone and throw away an iPhone 14.

Tesla Model Pie vs Apple iPhone 14 now we will compare these two smartphones. An amazing smartphone from Tesla called the Model Pi is another Elon Musk-inspired device that most fans are looking forward to.

Everyone expects him to destroy the upcoming iPhone 14. This competition will be very interesting. On the one hand, Tesla company known for its electric vehicles decided to introduce a smartphone and will come out better than Apple company launching a line of its cars.

Tesla Pi Phone Vs Apple Phone

Now, Apple with its smartphones is rightfully considered the main company in the smartphone market. But what will happen when Elon Musk enters the game with a Model Pi smartphone? Of course, this smartphone will be more suitable for fans of Tesla and SpaceX as it has a satellite connection with Star link and a connection with electric cars that also connect to neuralink chips.

There are also a lot of futuristic solutions in the phone that favorably distinguish it from the rest. None of this is in the iPhone 14. Of course. Apple has become a household name because it sells as many smartphones as it can. The Cupertino-based corporation sold about 200 million smartphones worldwide last year.

Apple does a lot of great things with its iPhones, which it updates every year. However, it will almost certainly welcome a new contender. The richest billionaire in the world, who seems to have virtually limitless resources to invest in his innovative products, supports this current competition.

Everyone has already heard that he knows how to turn some seemingly difficult things into reality. If people are still not convinced, consider that Tesla currently offers many more electric vehicles, while SpaceX takes satellites into space at incredible speeds for its customers.

A lot of enthusiasts around the world no doubt will want to buy a smartphone from Elon Musk because they will prefer a phone designed by a genius of modernity and also the drivers of his Tesla electric cars will not want to miss this opportunity because this phone will be able to fully connect with the car.

Apple is well known for not manufacturing its phones. Instead, the corporation designs and develops smartphones in the United States before contracting for actual production. Camera, lenses, processors, displays, and other equipment are manufactured by partners around the world.

Tesla can set up its assembly plants if it wants to preserve its legacy of making its products. On the other hand, the creation of a factory for the production of products is not the same as factories for the production of electric vehicles. A corporation could potentially adopt a conservative approach and outsource the first few units. The Apple iPhone 14 front is known for its slanted screen.

At this time, apple, made the style famous. The front camera and other sensors are located in the cutout. On the other hand, several phone manufacturers have experimented with other designs, such as a perforated camera. The cutout has only ever been reduced in size by Apple.

A few people don’t like the design because it consumes precious screen real estate and distracts them from the look, but they have to accept this to use an Apple phone. Tesla Model Pi phone Front the Python Model, on the other hand, has neither a notch nor bump, keeping the screen seamless and eye-catching.

The secret is that Tesla hid the camera under the screen out of sight until people need it. Another feature of the Model Python that the iPhone lacks is the fingerprint scanner under the screen. You can unlock the pipeline by simply putting your finger on a certain area of the screen, which is a convenient method.

The rear view is no less interesting. The iPhone has a rough Mac glass back that is prone to fracture when dropped, which is why people should put a case on as soon as users take it out of the box. There is a large APPL logo on the back.

The Python also has a large sticker on the back, but it can change color depending on the amount of sunlight it receives. This is due to the photochromic coating of the phone. The style remotely resembles an iPhone, and the ultra-durable material of the front cover will not be susceptible to damage or scratches when dropped.

The camera of the iPhone 14 according to assumptions, and the camera systems of Apple and Tesla are extremely similar. However, the iPhone 14, a much fresher and most capable iPhone, has three lenses. On the back, the iPhone takes fantastic pictures, even photos with a wide lens.

But the camera on the Tesla Model iPhone, according to the same reports, has four lenses. More could be done with the Model Pi phone. Anyone could, for example, look at a pipeline in a clear night sky and take high-resolution photos without long exposure.

Users can also take photos with one lens while shooting with another. Astrophotography modern phones already use artificial intelligence and powerful cameras to help with photographing the night sky.

Add this functionality to SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus, which will inevitably flow into this phone, and you have a device capable of taking great photos of astronomical objects. Now about charging the iPhone can be charged remotely, not through the connector, while criticism abounds about how sluggish the other is compared to other premium phones.

Charging a Tesla Model Python although wireless charging for the pipeline has not yet been announced, it will contain built-in solar panels that will allow users to charge it with solar energy rather than relying on a connector. Tesla has a solar panel factory, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

According to the manufacturer, in30 minutes under direct sunlight. The device will replenish the battery supply by 20%. Apple iPhone 14 Computing Power every year, Apple improves the processor in the iPhone. However, during the previous few years, the achievements were not yet the whole planet.

The A 15 Bionic chip is introduced in the newest iPhone, along with an additional GPU in the flagship device. Tesla Model Python Processing Power although Tesla has not revealed the specifics of the Python’s chipset, it is expected to be formidable since the iPhone model will be used for cryptocurrency mining.

This is the case. It is well known at the moment that the pipeline will physically travel further than the iPhone because it will be used by colonists on Mars. Musk wants people to be allowed to live on Mars indefinitely and for him to create a currency for any of them to trade and earn a decent living.

It is for this reason that it produces Mars coins. The Python will be able to mine Mars coins regardless of whether people are on Earth or Mars. The phone will act as a personal wallet. Customers can pay for groceries, gas, and other purchases without access to a wallet or credit cards.

The Model Python will require a strong microprocessor, mainly because of the cryptocurrency, but also because it will be equipped with Aeon technologies from Masks Neuralink, which tries to read impulses from the human mind by transplanting chips directly into the brain.

It will even be possible to project an image onto any surface or the retina of the eye. And it also provides for driving a Tesla car with the power of brain impulses. The iPhone doesn’t have anything even close to this. Other rumors are cryptocurrency mining.

Musk has been public about cryptocurrencies in the past, so it’s reasonable to assume he’ll want to embed this ability into a phone. While Bitcoin is more popular and Musk prefers the existing dogecoin, there are rumors that the tesla phone will mine a new coin called Mars Coin.

Now let’s talk about the satellite Internet. The Python will indeed be able to use the Tesla Starlink satellite service to connect to the Internet at high speeds, even though the service is still in beta. Technical testers seem willing to pay for a satellite dish and access high-speed Internet anywhere on Earth per month via SpaceX satellites on Earth’s orbit.

Soon the service will come out of beta and more and more people will be able to use it. However, something more intriguing is that SpaceX has signed up to provide telephony services. Although the specifics of the offers have not yet been disclosed, there is no doubt that the pipeline will make a profit.

Perhaps users will not need to buy an A sim card to use the pipeline, although, on the other hand, such a function will be provided to communicate with the phones of other operators. Many Tesla car owners use the Tesla app on their iPhones to remotely control their cars.

However, since Tesla does not own the phone’s operating system, the app has remained a third-party application, limiting some functions. The Tesla Model Python, on the other hand, will be more closely integrated with Tesla cars and other items.

Solar panels, home batteries, energy solutions, and so on are examples. There is no reliable information about the prices of a smartphone on the island. In most sources, prices vary from seven hundred and fifty dollars to one thousand dollars. Apple also does not name the prices for the iPhone 14.It remains to wait for the official announcement.

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