Elon Musk Future City | $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

Elon Musk Future City | $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?:- According to Forbes Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla and SpaceX is the most innovative person in the world for the consecutive second time this year.

And that is very clear of the unbelievable success he has achieved in business. Ten years ago, people considered him a reckless man with extravagant ideas. In 2008, his company Tesla collapsed during the financial crisis.

Now Tesla is one of the most successful niche car companies in producing electric cars, all because Elon Musk persevered and was determined. He has done what was thought to be impossible 10 years ago. But he has no plans of stopping soon.

Elon Musk Future City

He has many innovative and wild plans for the future of mankind which would improve the quality of our lives. Elon Musk believes that day by day technology is only getting better and better. Things are developing so fast that the future might be filled with Exponential tech advances that would change the world.

In the future, we will have video games so realistic that it would be difficult for us to tell the difference between games and reality. From self-driving tunnel networks to brain-controlled computers, we’re going to look at how Elon Musk and his technology will take us forward and create the city of the future.

Elon says that we always want the future to be better than the past. An exciting future and one that people would want to live in. A few decades ago a lot of technological advances seemed unimaginable but today they are our new normal, life without them is unimaginable.

So let’s look at what would Elon Musk’s city of the future look like. So how will we get from one city to another in Elon’s future city? It’s hard to imagine being able to fly from New York City to Shanghai in 39 minutes or from Sydney to London in an hour.

But this is something that Elon and SpaceX are working on. Elon compares Space Rockets to airplanes saying that if you do not reuse a plane, it would cost up to 250 million dollars to fly one way but because we can reuse them tens of thousands of times, it becomes affordable.

The same is true for Space Rockets. A SpaceX rocket costs about 57 million dollars and if the rocket is reused a thousand times it nearly costs 57 thousand dollars per flight carrying people, we can get the price of a rocket flight down to the price of an economy flight ticket.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

The Starship rocket is being developed to take people to mars, it can also transport people from city to city. In a 2017 interview Elon said that he is working for this to become a reality in the next 10 years and if you can carry people, you can also carry cargo which means a super fast delivery for people.

Another way of getting packages fast from one part of the country to another will be by Electric semi trucks being developed by Tesla. These semi trucks require a driver but in the future, we will see an entirely driverless version of these and make deliveries and making transportation cheaper.

Travel Price Decreases By Half

Also, these trucks will be good for the environment because 25% of greenhouse gases come from the trucking industry. Though these ideas seem far-fetched and Elon has planned to make them possible in the next 10 to 12 years. There is yet another way that Elon plans to develop, and that is transported via a hyperloop.

Elon Musk asks that when you think about a new transportation system, what would you want ideally? You will want something that would cost half the price to travel, would be twice as fast, cannot crash, and is immune to weather.

To make this possible Elon is working on the idea of Hyperloop, which will take about 12 minutes to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and will also be powered by solar panels. There will be Hyperloop stations inside cities, making it easier and faster to travel.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

Several Hyperloop routes ar being planned and in Elon’s future, they’re going to be a significant subject of attraction. Elon is continually arising with new ideas and innovative technologies that ar astonishing. excluding the ideas mentioned higher than, let’s examine Elon’s artistic movement town.

The general public would imagine a future town to be choked with flying cars and drones with progressive technology. however, Elon differs from this vision.

AN exceedingly|in a very} Teddy boy interview once he was asked concerning his vision for an exciting future he rejected the thought of flying cars and drones speech nobody would love to check cars flying over America and making all types of disturbances.

Elon is true in many ways, he aforementioned that one of the foremost destructive things is the traffic, and if there’s traffic in the air or cars that may block the read of the sky, would be plagued by weather and lots of different factors, it that may not be a perfect future town you’d wish.

To counter this traffic downside that takes away most of our lives, he has planned to make a 3D network of tunnels. For this, he based an organization named The Boring Company that may persevere the development of tunnels.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

He believes the answer to the urban traffic is that the network of tunnels that go deeper underneath the cities. He says, “since you’ll continuously go deeper than you’ll go upwards, the deepest minds ar deeper than the tallest buildings.

About The Boring Company

Therefore we will have a network of tunnels that would go twenty, 30, or forty levels deep wherever Automotives might go up to two hundred kilometers AN hour as railings guide the car and your autopilot takes over after you enter the tunnel. however, making a tunnel could be a slow and expensive method and can need the method of dig tunnels to be low cost than they’re present.

The Boring company is functioning on creating this opportunity with a replacement tunnel digger. Elon says that the primary issue that has to be done is to chop down the tunnel size. Tunnels these days have to be compelled to be massive leaving crashes emergency and ventilation for gas-powered vehicles.

Victimization of self-driving electrical cars that may shrink the dimensions of tunnels will eliminate this. to create the digging method economical, we’d like to make a quicker digger, one that may dig and reinforce the tunnel at a similar time.

This idea of building tunnels is safe and conjointly one that may enable folks to measure peacefully. a visit from Westwood to the LAX field that takes a half-hour and may increase due to traffic can solely take five to six minutes in an exceedingly boring company tunnel.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

Elon says that within the returning ten to twelve years it’ll be uncommon for cars to be engineered that don’t seem to be totally self-driving as they’re obtaining near to being one hundred to two hundred % safer than an individual’s driver.

He says entering an automotive would be a bit like entering AN elevator these days and pushing a button. electrical cars ar all potential these days due to the falling costs of lithium-ion batteries. Batteries ar what Tesla’s main experience is in! Tesla is building Giga factories that build lithium-ion batteries together with different components for Tesla cars.

Giga manufactory in the European nations?

Elon believes it’d take a complete of one hundred Giga factories to grant humanity enough battery capability to travel totally renewable. Currently, there are 2 Giga factories in the us and one in China. Tesla has declared plans for one more Giga manufactory in the European nations.

As our cities and lives would become electrified, everything also will be connected. this may be created potential by StarLink, a project by SpaceX that aims to launch nearly 12000 satellites in orbit which is able to give net all across the planet and even in places wherever folks don’t have net today! SpaceX launched the primary batch of those satellites in could 2019, and Elon in his terribly ELON MUSK declared by posting a tweet victimization these satellites.

As of once, this video is out SpaceX has launched 750 StarLink satellites into orbit and going to deploy even additional of them in an exceedingly semipermanent vision of providing property and net to any or all. they’re going to not solely be deployed on Earth but conjointly are going to be deployed as a communication system around Mars.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

To date, we’ve got mentioned a great deal of comes and visions of Elon musk for his future town. currently, let’s check out what our lives would be like in one of all of Elon’s future cities. Things are going to be a great deal completely different in the future even wherever we have a tendency to get our food from.

Elon’s brother Kimball musk United Nations agency could be a member of Tesla and SpaceX is additionally the co-founder of sq. roots, an organization that’s building shipping instrumentation vertical farms in cities and cities, as this is often an additional possible manner of growing food.

We might get our greens from farm to table in simply four hours and Kimball says that the technical school being employed these days to farm food in climate-controlled town areas also will be used on Mars! Imagine after you ar born off at your workplace by your self-driving automotive.

You will have longer to travel to conferences and events due to the time saved from driverless cars. thus during a future town that might be utterly impressive, what’s getting to be schooled in school? however, is education getting to be? Elon Musk believes the manner youngsters square measure schooled in regular faculties don’t adhere to their desires.

It’s utterly noncurrent during this new era of technology. For that, he started his college for his youngsters and a number of youngsters of staff at SpaceX and is additionally in the SpaceX field. It’s known as Ad Astra, which implies the stars! The founding father of SpaceX and NeuraLink believes that there’s a basic component that the fashionable education system lacks which is: problem-solving.

He explains this with an associate example: “It’s necessary to show problem-solving. Let’s say you’re attempting to show how engines work. Now, a conventional manner is to show all concerning screwdrivers and wrenches, which could be a powerful thanks to getting it on.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

A decent approach would be like this: Here’s the associate engine, let’s take it apart, and the way square measure we have a tendency to gonna do that? we’d like a screwdriver or a wrench for that. after we teach like this, one thing necessary happens, and also the relevancy of the tools becomes apparent.”

And he’s correct, the education of our new generation ought to be compatible with the advanced technology and knowledge domain these days. He breaks down education by downloading information and algorithms into your brain. He needs to gamify his education.

If learning is sort of a game, the additionally fascinating, it’s to youngsters. He additionally focuses on explaining why things square measure being schooled because it makes a huge distinction during a Child’s motivation.

At Ad Astra, they don’t build youngsters to undergo grades like associate line, which is being wiped out many colleges these days As each kid is exclusive and has their capabilities and interests. the youngsters ought to explore non-traditional topics like artificial intelligence and computing, even study the ethics of AI, and additionally study physics as a result of its simplest manner of understanding our future additionally Physics instills an ability to problem-solve in you and particularly harnesses the shining method.

In this future town, youngsters and adults can pay their free time enjoying crazy and interesting video games that square measure unthinkable these days. Elon points out that solely forty years agone the foremost advanced game was the stench, which comprised 2 parallelograms and a tiny low ball, however, these days we’ve games with high graphics that noticeably check reality. individuals will play these multi-player games from across the globe, and in the future, they’re going to be even additional advanced.

We’d have VR sets and force-feedback gloves, in the future we’ll be enjoying games that will be indistinguishable from reality. Elon says that we have a tendency to square measure building more and more bigger intelligence and the proportion of intelligence that’s not human is increasing.

Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?
Elon Musk’s $20B Futuristic Smart Cities Will Change The World?

Elon says we are able to consider the human as a biological boot loader for beginning a digital super-intelligence, thus there must be some merger that links biological intelligence with machine intelligence since in the future we are going to be too slow to stay up with AI and then we’d got to develop or there’ll be a crisis within the future.

To repair this downside, Elon Musk has come back up with a technology of the future- NeuraLink. He based this company in 2016, and also the company is creating a chip that will be deep-seated within the brain permitting you to be coupled to the pc. So far, a monkey has been able to manage a laptop with its brain.

NeuraLink is currently petitioning totally different authorities to begin an individual’s trial of this within the coming back a pair of years which might offer the U.S. divine powers of thinking and gaining data.

Elon musks future town would dissent greatly from the one we have a tendency to sleep in these days, several things can modification several wouldn’t, however one issue is certain we have a tendency to square measure during a golden age of technology and with the assistance of this technology we have a tendency to may improve our manner of lives even additional within the future.

In the future wherever we have a tendency to may jaunt the other town within the world at intervals associate hours and everything would run on batteries, not fossil fuels. m satellites would connect each part of the globe and other people.

The speed of technology modification is improbably quick, and each new decade is one that nobody had fanciful within the previous decade. Elon musk is incredibly a lot of driven to figure in the long run we have a tendency for the toll-being of humans and to inspire several others of the new generation so we may all advance as a civilization and become a kind three civilization. thus what does one consider the superb technology ideas|and concepts|and ideas} we have a tendency to talk about? What does one assume our future would be like? allow us to grasp what you think and your ideas within the comment section below. And don’t forget to love and share the video and take our channel and keep tuned for additional fascinating videos on Science and natural philosophy.


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