Elon Musk fears teenage daughter think he’s ‘evil’ because he’s ‘rich’

Elon Musk, the billionaire tech mogul, has recently expressed his concerns about his rocky relationship with his teenage daughter, Vivian.

Musk believes that Vivian’s perceived estrangement from him stems from her being taught to despise the wealthy. In an interview with the Financial Times, Musk revealed that Vivian thinks he is “evil” due to her schooling, which he characterizes as promoting the sentiment of wealth equating to evil.

Background on the Relationship

Vivian is Musk’s eldest daughter from his first marriage to Justine Wilson. The couple also had a son, Nevada, who tragically passed away at 10 weeks old.

Vivian, along with her twin brother Griffin and three younger half-siblings from Musk’s subsequent relationships, Kai, Saxon, and Damian, were born during their marriage.

However, in court documents filed during Vivian’s legal gender and name change process, she expressed a desire to sever ties with her biological father completely.

Musk’s Perspectives on the Estrangement

Elon Musk believes that Vivian’s negative views of him are a consequence of her education, which he characterizes as promoting “full-on communism” and an association of wealth with evil.

Musk’s statement reflects his concerns that his daughter has been influenced by an ideology that vilifies the wealthy.

He acknowledges that the situation may change in the future, but at present, he feels a disconnect from Vivian while maintaining good relationships with his other children.

Impact of Perceived Wealth

Musk’s observations about Vivian’s perception of wealth and her resulting estrangement highlight the potential impact of societal views on the relationships within a family.

While it is natural for children to form their own opinions as they grow older, the influence of external factors such as education and societal narratives can shape their perspectives significantly.

In this case, Vivian’s perception of her father’s wealth may have contributed to her decision to distance herself.

Family Dynamics and Personal Experiences

Every family has its unique dynamics, and the relationship between parents and their children can be complex. It is essential to recognize that individual experiences, personal growth, and external influences can contribute to the development of opinions and perspectives.

Musk’s concerns reflect the challenges that arise when differences in belief systems, values, or ideologies emerge within a family.


Elon Musk’s concerns about his strained relationship with his teenage daughter, Vivian, shed light on the potential impact of perceived wealth and societal narratives on family dynamics.

While it is important to respect individual opinions and perspectives, maintaining open communication, understanding, and empathy are vital for fostering healthy relationships within families.

The path to resolution and reconnection requires ongoing effort and a willingness to bridge the gaps that may arise from differing viewpoints.

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