Elon Musk explains why he lives in a tiny £10k house and doesn’t need a bigger one

Elon Musk explains why he lives in a tiny £10k house and doesn’t need a bigger one:- If you were a billionaire, what would you have your home look like? Maybe include a pool? A walk-in wardrobe? Or perhaps just a place where you could have the heating on all the time, without worrying about the energy bill?

Any one of those features would be nice, and Elon Musk could have them all, and much, much more. But instead, he’s opted to rent a moderate two-bed house worth just £10,000.

It’s a small price for a house when you genuinely can pay for a rocket into space, but Musk insisted that it’s all he needs after he previously shared a tweet declaring his plans to sell ‘almost all physical possessions’.

Elon Musk explains why he lives in tiny £25k house and doesn't need a bigger one
Elon Musk explains why he lives in a tiny £10k house and doesn’t need a bigger one

The following year, Musk confirmed that he has one ‘primary home’ – the ‘$50k (£40k) house in Boca Chica / Starbase that [he rents] from SpaceX’.

“It’s kinda awesome though,” he said.

Elon Musk explains why he lives in tiny £25k house and doesn't need a bigger one
Elon Musk explains why he lives in a tiny £10k house and doesn’t need a bigger one

Musk spoke further about his housing situation in an interview with the Full Send podcast last year, where he explained that the £40k house in Boca Chica, Texas is conveniently located near SpaceX’s factory.

“It’s a tiny, small, small house… it was right next to the rocket factory. So, I can just literally walk to the factory, it’s half an hour away,” he said.

“When friends come to stay in it, they can’t believe I live in this house… I find if I am by myself, it is fine,” he said.

In another interview, Musk told Joe Rogan that sure, he could spend some of his time building a great house, but that would take his attention away from the numerous other projects he’s busy juggling.

“I think I do have high productivity… allocating time to building a house, even if it was a great house, is still not a good use of time relative to developing the rockets necessary in getting us to Mars and helping solve sustainable energy,” he said.

Tesla has already built a tiny house on wheels and taken it across the road in Australia.  The tiny house design is powered by 100  percent renewable energy.

This Tesla tiny house on wheels shows how Powerwall and solar can seamlessly integrate to power an entire tiny home.

The Tesla Tiny House is a good example of what it means to be self-powered.  Let’s find out more about Tesla’s New $10,000  tiny house for sustainable living!  Tesla Tiny House On WheelsKnown for the Best Tesla is known for its automotive and energy storage innovations and concepts that have been capturing the popular interest for some time now,  making their electric cars aspirational and making waves with their solar roof shingles and massive,  grid-scale batteries.

Now Tesla is making their foray into the tiny house design market,  and it’s good news for consumers. The Tesla tiny house design project is a modern structure that is equipped with its Powerwall and is towed by their Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Tiny House on Wheels made its way around Australia back on a 2017 tour so people could get an idea of what small house living is all about.

The  Tesla-branded tiny house design package has a 2kW photovoltaic system of 6 solar panels on the roof and is connected to the  USD 5,500 Powerwall, a lithium-ion battery pack that can store energy for later use.

The interior of the Tesla tiny house on wheels is pretty minimal, as it’s more of a showcase tiny house design kind of space for Tesla’s products than a fully built-out tiny home. 

The inside of the Tesla Tiny House on Wheels is a design studio that allows its visitors to design their own tiny home solar power system on a screen with all of the lights and electronics being powered by the sun, and everything can be controlled and monitored via a Tesla app.

The tiny house on wheels itself is made from locally and sustainably sourced lumber and measures 20 by  7 feet. The Tesla tiny house on wheels weighs 2  tonnes and can be towed by the Model X, which has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

If you are a fan of Tesla, this vehicle and tiny house on wheels combination is the ultimate design. Musk Did It!  Elon Musk Tiny HouseElon Musk has established himself as one of the foremost leading industrialists in our world with innovations and inventions spreading into a different sector of human involvement. 

It just seems as if we haven’t seen the best of this guy as he keeps announcing innovations rocking and shaking our world. He has made innovations in the automobile industry,  space industry, mobile phone, and internet connectivity, and now he is moving into the real estate business.

Sometimes in June 2021, a tweet by Elon Musk got us to know that he has moved into a tiny home of 4000 square feet studio. This coincided with the period in which a post by Boxabl dated back a few months before Elon made his announcement, the company announced that they just finished a project for a top-secret client for whom they rendered their services of constructing a tiny house.

Just a few weeks later, it was rumored that the secret client and that the project Boxabl worked on might be Elon Musk’s very own building. Imagine being able to construct an actual house, which could be boxed up and easily shipped to any part of the world.

The Next Big ThingThe Next Big Thing Well, this appears to be the next big thing Elon Musk wants to introduce us to. It is a tiny home that is built in a factory,  it could carefully be folded into a shipping container and transported to a new location. 

It could then be installed in the new location on arrival. Interestingly, the tiny building comes with everything needed for normal housing like electricity, plumbing, and air conditioning all pre-installed. It is a cool project that would change the real estate sector forever. 

We know Elon Musk has a penchant for producing something quality and befitting.  He has often said that his goal is to change the world by proffering solutions to some of the problems affecting our world. Currently,  this is what Elon Musk has been up to.

In the real estate and housing sector, one of the challenges of building a house is the fact the building materials easily get degraded, and for this house system,  research was made to use the best materials possible that’ll avoid or reduce degradation. 

Steel concrete and E.P.S foam were concluded to be the best alongside laminated panels for walls,  floors, and roofs. This building uses L.E.D  lighting and is constructed from insulation technology making it energy efficient.

It is built to resist extreme weather conditions like floods and wind with a snow load capacity that can be retrofitted in areas where needed.

Tiny House FeaturesA Little Tour A little tour in Elon Musk’s home shows a living room, washroom, kitchen, bed space, and studio and though everything about his tiny home might just be a mirror of what Tesla has in store for this project and its customers,  we also know how passionate Elon musk is about living with less carbon footprint so there’s more to Tesla’s tiny home for sustainable living which brings us to examine the features of this home. 

Elon Musk hopes to advance the adoption of green energy across every one of our lives, he has helped us to embrace electric cars and batteries, and now it seems that he wants us to embrace green energy-powered houses.

Why Do We Say So? The house is green energy-optimized as the house is properly built to maximize green energy.  Tesla’s tiny home is built with a rooftop solar panel of 4.1kw which generate energy from the sun to power the home with clean energy even and It comes with a 25-year guarantee with the ability to store and use power 24 hours a day and generate energy even when installed on the slanted part of the roof or if there isn’t a constant ray of sunlight confirming it as a superior technology entity. 

As it is made close to the roof gives a pleasing aesthetic look. Excess energy obtained by this panel is stored in a system known as power walls. With the power walls, energy could easily be stored for future use from roof panels and also by automatically recharging itself with sunlight. 

It can detect any power outage if there’s no electricity. It can be installed in interior spaces or outdoors or both to get more energy storage thus alongside the Tesla rooftop solar panel Tesla tiny home is fully powered and ready for any outages.

It is also safe because even when outside your home, you can control power in your home with the Tesla app monitor that comes with the Tesla tiny home. Going Even Further  Tesla Home AppTesla app monitor can be configured and operated as a real phone with notification features. 

We guess you just get a pop-up message like ‘  power outage, preparing connections to back up’  (accept decline) so you accept, and  ‘power wall back up connected’ pops up and you are grateful for this technology because even though you’re remotely far from home,  whatever needs constant power in your home is safe because of the home app that helps you control your home from wherever.

Tesla’s tiny home also comes with a charging outlet that of course comes with a Tesla automobile in a bit to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and reduce carbon emissions on which this project is based. 

Tesla relieves a Tesla car owner of the stress of going to public charging locations because you can wake up to a fully charged electric car from the comfort of your home or charge when in a hurry as it’s built to charge speedily.

Apart from the need for less carbon emission which this project aims to reduce,  it also helps the user to save money.  This we believe is very important. 

We all know how important money is and why we should save. Research has shown that those who live in tiny homes usually have more to save than those who live in bigger houses. Living in a tiny home would no doubt save you some cost.

Tesla’s  Tiny home is of no exemption also as it allows buyers to save more money while still retaining the quality of a bigger house and it’s said that once Tesla begins selling these tiny houses,  they may go for as low as $10,000!  

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