Elon Musk drops bombshell about Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden story. Take A Look

Elon Musk drops bombshell about Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden story. Take A Look:- Twitter employees knew what they were doing was a fed-up quote, unquote.

Elon musk is dropping some Twitter files on their censorship of the hunter Biden laptop story. Business correspondent kelly O’Grady is here with the latest.

Elon just held everyone Friday night hostage with bombshells. I want to walk you through it here. Matt Taibbi painting a very long run-up. I think we are at 34 or 35 tweets.

It might have changed while we are on the air about how Twitter suppressed the hunter Biden laptop story. So here’s what we know thus far. First, Twitter suppressed the story by removing links posting warnings that it may be unsafe, and even blocking the transmission of it via direct message.

We learned from these tweets that were a tool reserved for child pornography. Now, this all escalated when kellyanne had Kayleigh mcenany lo sharing it.

A lot of back and forth between internal teams twitter’s communications team and its policy team. I want to bring up this tweet. It was numbered 21 in Taibbi’s saga here because it shows evidence of why Twitter censored the story.

So it says per checking, the user was bounced by site integrity for violating our hacked material policy admin for further insight and guidance.

It gets confusing Taibbi is saying that sources shared that the government had not confirmed that hacked through sources.

Over the next few tweets, we learn that jack Dorsey was not involved and that this was a decision that came down to the head of legal now fired from the company by musk and others in the company that was also focused on policy.

There are several screenshots that have been shared showing many heads of safety Roth felt they had moved too quickly on this and they hadn’t found enough evidence that they should have taken motion on this because they didn’t know that it was hacked.

I want to bring up another tweet. This is tweet number 27 because it drives that point home. It says, quote: to Ian’s point can we truthfully claim this is part of the policy as part of our approach to addressing potentially hacked materials?

We are limiting the visibility of related stories on Twitter while our investigation is ongoing. You know, but clearly, they did it anyway. And so really what you are seeing in these tweets, Jesse, is this back and forth of some folks at the company saying hey.

We are moving too quickly we shouldn’t be doing this, and other folks saying, you know what? We are doing. This we are already deep in. We need to keep going and focusing on that hacked policy so more is coming out right


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