Elon Musk Attached A Cigarette Emoji Remarks On Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Pics

Elon Musk Attached A Cigarette Emoji Remarks On Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Pics:- Elon Musk’s response to photos of Taylor Swift from the Eras Tour has gathered all kinds of reactions — thanks to the billionaire’s odd choice of words and emoticons.

Tay-Tay is currently touring the US in support of their latest album Midnights. The singer left no stone unturned to make her show one to remember for her fans, which included four new songs that can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.

Being one of the biggest events in the world of music, the Eras Tour is certainly being talked about a lot, but not as much as the confusing comment from the owner of Twitter, which is crossing everything at the moment!

Elon Musk Reaction

Elon Musk leaves the Internet after commenting on Taylor Swift’s photos. The tweet included different photos from the singer’s Eras Tour.

Unsurprisingly, the Tesla founder replied to the post which sparked hilarious reactions online. Netizens were stunned by the entrepreneur’s choice of words and emoticons.

The Love Story crooner is currently on a US tour. The singer has taken the music industry by surprise with her chart-breaking hits. Elon Musk chimed into opine on her talent.

On March 17, the Lover singer posted several photos from his tour on Twitter. He wrote in the tweet, “In the era of my era.” Responding to the same, Elon Musk attached a cigarette emoji the next day.

Netizens believed that the CEO of Twitter was stalking Taylor Swift. Speaking about the Willow singer, Twitter user @BillyM2k said that she “rules”. They said:

“Taylor Swift rules and you’ll be kicked off the internet if you disagree, I’m pretty sure.”

Musk replied to the same saying:

“Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional.”

Netizens were fascinated by Elon Musk’s choice of words.

What is meant by limbic resonance? Netizens Express Surprise Over Elon Musk’s Comment

According to psych mechanics, limbic resonance is a state that is achieved between two people when they have a strong emotional and physical connection. It is also called mood contagion or emotional contagion.

The website revealed that limbic resonance is not only achieved when two people hold emotions together. It is also strengthened when their physiological states such as respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate are in sync. It was also mentioned that it “allows humans to connect with each other and form deep bonds. It is at the core of what makes us social.”

Elon Musk was possibly commenting on the singer’s ability to garner a massive fan following with his lyrics that resonated with audiences.

Netizens React to Elon Musk’s Comments About Taylor Swift

Internet users were convinced that Elon Musk was secretly a fan of Taylor Swift and posted hilarious tweets about her online.

What has Taylor Swift been up to lately?

Taylor Swift kicked off her Eras tour in Arizona with a hot pink rhinestone leotard before changing into a black jumpsuit for the night. Before taking the stage, the singer dropped four new songs this weekend.

The show also included 44 songs, along with a 10-minute version of All’s Well. In total, the singer performed for three hours and 15 minutes. Swift performed mostly new songs from the Midnight album. However, tracks from Folklore and Evermore also made it onto the setlist.

The singer also showcased her guitar playing skills by performing an acoustic version of the Tim McGraw song. She also sang an acoustic version of Mirrorball.

The US leg of Swift’s headlining tour will continue in the country for another five months. She will conclude the tour in August in Los Angeles.


“Elon Musk Attached A Cigarette Emoji Remarks On Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Pics”

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