Elon Musk asked Twitter managers to find best employee in their teams, then fired managers and promoted others

Things have been going downhill for Twitter ever since Elon Musk became the company’s new heir. Not only have a large number of employees lost their jobs, but the social media company is also struggling to retain revenue.

A new report has revealed how Elon Musk fired some top managers in the month of February. This was around the same time Musk said he was laying off people and would not do so in the near future.

Soon after his Twitter acquisition, Musk wiped out about 75 percent of employees, including the CEO, CFO, and policy chief of the company.

According to a report published in iNews, Musk asked Twitter managers to nominate their best employees for promotion. However, when the managers handed him the list, he fired the managers and replaced them with best-in-class employees.

Esther Crawford, who quickly became popular on social media after a photo of her sleeping on the office floor went viral, was also among the managers who were reportedly replaced by their best-performing employee.

The report states that the only reason Musk fired around 50 managers and replaced them with best-performing employees was to cut the high salaries they received.

However, his salary was not as high as that of his predecessors. He replaced them with new employees who were paid much less without changing their compensation structure.

Musk did this to save costs and run the company more efficiently. By hiring employees who were willing to work for less, he was able to reduce costs and increase profits.

The decision was based on his belief that previous managers and executives were being overpaid and were not contributing enough to the company’s success. Musk’s strategy to cut costs and streamline operations has become a talking point.

Musk faced criticism for mocking an employee’s employment status. A senior Twitter employee, who was cut off from his official system without any communication, did not know about his employment status in the company.

He contacted HR but received no help, then decided to tag Musk on Twitter and ask for clarity on his employment status.

Instead of helping him, Musk mocked him on social media by asking him about the work he did on Twitter and then mocked his disability. He soon realized his mistake and apologized to the employee.

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