Elon Musk asked engineers to boost his tweets after Joe Biden’s Super Bowl post got more engagement than his, report says

Twitter CEO Elon Musk didn’t like that one of his Super Bowl tweets was getting fewer impressions than President Joe Biden’s, according to a new report from Platformer — and it took Twitter engineers after the big game to fix it. Worked tirelessly

During the game, in which the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs, Biden retweeted a video of his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, showing support for the Eagles.

Musk also tweeted in support of the eagles, but deleted his tweet after four hours.

Biden’s tweet got nearly 29 million impressions, while Musk’s tweet got more than 9 million impressions, Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer and Casey Newton reported.

As a result, Musk asked 80 engineers on Sunday night to start working on a project that would ensure that his tweets would also get significant engagement — and that they would lose their jobs if they didn’t.

Platformer reported that Musk reportedly flew his private jet to the Bay Area — where Twitter’s San Francisco office is located — to talk to his team face-to-face after the game.

In a lingering morning message on Monday, Musk’s cousin, James Musk, urged any and all engineers to address the discrepancy in engagement, which he described as having “high urgency,” as Platformer reports.

According to the report, Twitter’s engineers worked overnight to create a system that allowed Musk to receive promotions on his tweets above those of other users “by a factor of 1,000”, the platformer reported.

The outlet reported that engineers have created new code that automatically “greenlights” all of Musk’s tweets, allowing them to bypass Twitter filters that would traditionally flood a particular account.

Engineers also talked about reasons why Musk’s tweets are underperforming, including that many people on the site may have blocked or muted his content, though they also found technical reasons that resulted in the problem. His tweets were less publicized while recovering.

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Information Source: Insider

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