Elon Musk And NASA NEW INSANE Motor SHOCK The Entire Industry! Take The First Look

NASA And Elon Musk’s NEW INSANE Motor SHOCKS The Entire Industry! Take The First Look:- Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s insane new engine on May 22, 2022, which appears to be perfect and performs better than the company’s previous engines.

Not only this, but he also said that Tesla has a lot planned for 2022; The company has already made various plans to help them stay on top and it appears they have plans to make it even better.

However, with the recent development of Elon Musk, things are about to get a lot crazier! A hyper scalable design motor Elon Musk has revealed Tesla’s upcoming electric motor, a carbon-wrapped motor with high RPM variants coming to the new Roadster.

Tesla built the plate motor in-house as part of an engine upgrade announced in October of 2021. According to the company, the new plate will allow for a significant reduction in powertrain complexity while increasing electric motor efficiency and performance.

Musk said the new motor is so good that Tesla could replace its current lineup with vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art electric motors while making no other changes.

During a news conference last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk described the new motor as “literally indestructible.” He also said he hopes to set a world record with it, so now we know more about how this powerful motor works and how it differs from anything else on the market.

Musk began by talking about Tesla’s latest Mortar design, which he previously referred to as the Plate Motor, as he said in a recent tweet: “The new Mortar design is not based on traditional automotive concepts, Rather, that’s the technology that drives the Dyson vacuum.

Cleaner.” Musk said the new motor would be lighter, more compact, and less expensive than Tesla’s existing aluminum-based electric motors. Musk aims to make the plate motor a hyper-scalable design that can work in any vehicle.

According to Musk, the plate motor could be used in several of Tesla’s future vehicles, including its second-generation Model E automobile, which could be produced as early as 2022, but Tesla must first complete development on its third vehicle. have to be completed.

During a conference call with investors in February, Musk hinted at the availability of new high-capacity batteries for the Model S and the upcoming Model X.

On the other hand, in the Model S presentations, Musk did not discuss the specifics of Tesla’s new battery cells in his delivery ceremony speech last week. “We will announce something next year,” he said.

Instead, he focused on a new sophisticated air suspension system developed by Holden, an innovative Swedish car parts supplier that is now a Tesla partner.

According to the corporation, when customers buy their model, they will be able to race or lower the car by up to 40 mm, reliably. Elon Musk did not disappoint with the launch of the Model S p100d variant.

Unlike the Model S facelift, Musk unveiled a whole new battery pack design for the upgraded electric vehicle, which included only minor power increases and a few new color options.

Tesla’s 100-kilowatt-hour pack is a whole new technology that will eventually make its way into other automobiles. When it comes to Tesla’s future, the emphasis is almost always on the next generation of automobiles. However, the corporation is planning in terms of billing as well.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla’s groundbreaking new technology, expressed his excitement about the new charger in a tweet earlier this week. However, there wasn’t much in the way of specifics.

Now we have a little more information thanks to an interview with Musk on a YouTube channel. The video was shot before the Model 3 launch event, however, it was released recently.

Musk said the new charger would be more powerful than Tesla’s current options. It will also be much smaller and less expensive, making home charging more convenient for customers.

Elon Musk And NASA NEW INSANE Motor SHOCK The Entire Industry! Take The First Look
Elon Musk And NASA NEW INSANE Motor SHOCK The Entire Industry! Take The First Look

It will have power electronics and hard shell housing with liquid cooling. Some portable chargers from Tesla already exist, but they are relatively large and expensive.

The interview didn’t go into too much detail about the new technology, but Musk did mention that the new battery pack would charge about 100 kWh per hour, meaning long-distance trips could be charged almost anywhere.

In terms of motors, Tesla is always introducing new technology, and Tesla’s new Plate will take those developments to an entirely new level. As one of the most trusted companies in the world, you can always count on them to provide you with high-quality automobiles and components.

The new license plates when used on a regular model deliver more power and less weight than any other motor on the market. Although Musk didn’t explain how it worked, he said it was built by robots capable of assembling 2 million pieces per hour.

He further claimed that the design of the carbon fiber weave was inspired by his cat’s hairball and would revolutionize the auto industry. Although Tesla has yet to announce official pricing for the new motor, they have said that it will be much less expensive than earlier Tesla motors.

He also announced that everyone who buys a Tesla after July 1 will receive a Tesla for free in exchange for their current motor.

The most important takeaway from our post-sweet threat is that Tesla’s new motor design will be able to achieve power and efficiency like never before by using a single plate design, the company’s ability to keep each of the individual components as close together as possible Can reduce the aggregate mortar.

By matching all the components without sacrificing quality, we can see that Tesla can achieve a promoter efficiency of 120 while reducing the volume by 40 to 50 percent.

This is a significant improvement over the current industry standard and could have significant implications for electric vehicles, particularly in terms of battery capacity.

As with all Musk tweets, it’s important to take these statements with a grain of salt, but with what Tesla has done with its existing motors, there’s no reason to doubt that the Blade will still perform well when it’s released this year.

One of the most important inventions ever, we’ve been talking about the upcoming Tesla Model 3 for some time now, but one problem is keeping the vehicle from rolling off the assembly line: its powertrain.

Elon Musk mentioned this during the show, demonstrating that this new motor is only possible because of the new machine Tesla plans to build at the end of the year.

His presentations would have revealed that Tesla built a new machine to manufacture these motors. He said that this in itself is a very complex process and we have this machine specially made.

They also said that they will release more details about these machines later for other companies that are looking to make electric motors. He is confident that these missions will make it easier and less expensive for other firms to manufacture electric motors.

The electric motor is considered one of the most essential innovations that man ever conceived. It is highly commendable that we have been futuristic about the way our inventions are not only tailored to our current needs.

The stator and rotor are the first major components we would like to look at. The rotor bus is a collection of short-circuit conducting bars connected by end rings.

A three-phase AC power supply is connected to the stator. Three-phase AC and the coil generate a magnetic field. Tesla’s motors generate a four-pole magnetic field.

The rotating magnetic field induces a current which turns the rotor bar in an induction motor. The rotor speed, or RMF speed, always lags behind the stator speed.

The induction motor is quite powerful, despite the lack of brushes and permanent magnets. Induction motors are unusual in that the frequency of the AC power source determines their rotational speed.

This implies that the power supply frequency can be changed to modify the rotational speed of the wheel. Tesla’s speed control is so straightforward and reliable.

Game-Changing Industry Improvement Tesla motors are able to spin at speeds from 0 to 18,000 revolutions per minute, or RPM. The induction motor is powered by a battery pack.

Because the source provides DC power, it must be converted to AC power before it reaches the motor. This is where the inverter comes into play. The inverter converts DC to AC and modifies the frequency of the AC power, allowing the motor speed to be controlled by changing the amplitude of the AC motor.

The inverter can also change the output power of the motor. It is also the brain of the electric vehicle. Battery packs are huge collections of regular lithium-ion battery cells comparable to those seen in everyday life, which most people would be surprised to see.

All of these cells are connected in series and in parallel to create the electricity needed to drive an electric car. The glycol coolant circulates between the cells through metal inner tubes, which is one of the innovations that sets Tesla apart from other electric car makers.

Instead of a few large cells, many smaller cells are employed to provide significant cooling. As a result, thermal hotspots are avoided, resulting in uniform temperature distribution across the cells and increased battery pack life.

These cells are arranged in removable modules, with a total of about 7000 cells in 16 modules. The Tesla Model S plaid is now the best display of Tesla’s engineering expertise, at least until the Roadster arrives.

Tesla has always been sharp, and the firm, under the leadership of its top geek, seems almost as capable of pushing the boundaries of mockery as it is of achieving game-changing industry reforms.

It ultimately succeeds in pushing Tesla’s performance to ridiculous new heights. It is the first Tesla to incorporate three electric motors, two in the rear and one in the front axle, which is now permanent magnet synchronous PC machines with carbon fiber-sleeved rotors.

The engine’s moving parts are brand new in plaid. A carbon fiber cover encases all the rotors, allowing for a rotational rate of up to 20,000 RPM, which is 25% faster than before.

Tesla states that the copper wire in the motor must be coiled at extremely high tension due to the different coefficients of thermal expansion of carbon and copper, resulting in an efficient electromagnetic field.

In addition, the plaid addresses a weakness of EVs, especially cars with direct drive gearboxes like the Tesla, in which power drops significantly as speed increases.

Tesla claims the Plaid retains 1000 of its 1020 horsepower until it reaches its top speed of 200 mph. Despite having more power, the Plaid Model S was 175 pounds lighter than the performance version, which cost £4828.00.

According to Motor Trend, the Model S plaid completes the quarter-mile in 9.25 seconds at 152.6 mph. Zero to 60 mph comes in just 1.98 seconds after a frighteningly violent launch.

The plaid travels so fast that it is impossible to keep track of what is happening. The yoke feels light in your hands. As a quarter-mile of asphalt evaporates beneath you, your neck muscles ache as your helmeted head presses into the headrest, and your surroundings blur into mere forms and colors.

This is a remarkable achievement, yet the automobile could not reach 200 mph at this time because the drivetrain would be damaged. Tesla is looking to reform the top speed restrictions for the Roadster.

We hadn’t heard anything about the new Tesla Roadster in over a year and believe it has been delayed again. The company has had a terrible year due to chip shortages, and the Cybertruck, which was a priority, has also been delayed.

When asked about a September 2021 Roadster, Musk indicated that it has been pushed back to 2023. Furthermore, the CEO stated that the arrival is contingent on how much drama Tesla encounters in 2022. So far, there hasn’t been any drama.


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