Electrify America Will Offer Tesla NACS Ports by 2025

Electrify America has revealed its plan to incorporate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector into its Electrify America and Electrify Canada fast charging stations at all current and upcoming sites by 2025.

This development aligns with the trend observed among several prominent players in the automotive industry, as they too have announced their intentions to adopt the NACS port, which was originally designed and implemented by Tesla.

At present, the Electrify America fast charging network encompasses over 850 stations spanning North America, each offering more than 4000 individual charge points. These stations are presently equipped with chargers based on the Combined Charging System (CCS-1) standard, which is widely adopted by nearly all electric vehicle (EV) models except for Tesla vehicles.

In recent times, several manufacturers have made significant announcements indicating a notable industry-wide transition towards adopting the NACS port. Automakers such as Ford, General Motors, Rivian, Volvo, and Polestar have all reached agreements with Tesla to incorporate the NACS port design.

Stellantis, on the other hand, has stated that it is internally assessing the charging standard. It is worth mentioning that Electrify America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America, established as part of Volkswagen’s efforts to make amends for the Dieselgate scandal.

Electrify America and Electrify Canada do not plan to discontinue support for the CCS-1 charger with the introduction of the NACS port. Instead, they view the addition of NACS ports as a means to address potential challenges that may arise as more vehicles transition to the NACS standard.

By incorporating NACS ports alongside the existing CCS-1 chargers, Electrify America aims to alleviate certain frustrations that could arise within the charging network. This approach ensures continued support for a wide range of electric vehicles and accommodates the evolving needs of the industry.

Furthermore, the announcement is likely to provide reassurance to Tesla owners who may have had concerns about non-Tesla owners utilizing the dedicated NACS chargers.

With both Tesla and Electrify America committing to supporting the NACS standard at their respective locations by 2025, the network available to consumers will significantly expand.

This expansion is a reason for excitement, as it means a larger and more accessible charging infrastructure, reflecting the increasing importance of charging in our everyday automotive experiences.

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