“Donated the first $100 million but…”: Elon Musk on OpenAI

“Donated the first $100 million but…”: Elon Musk on OpenAI:- Elon Musk is reportedly developing an alternative to ChatGPT, the popular chatbot launched by OpenAI in November last year.

‘Donated first $100 million but…’: Elon Musk on OpenAI Mr. Musk has been openly critical of artificial intelligence tools.

Twitter CEO Mr. Musk claimed on Friday that Microsoft Corporation gained “exclusive access to the entire OpenAI codebase” following the tech giant’s latest investment in the company.

In response to a question about his role in the development of OpenAI, the billionaire replied on Twitter that he “donated the first $100 million” when it was a non-profit.

Mr. Musk also clarified that he now has “no ownership or control” over OpenAI. Mr. Musk was one of the company’s founders who launched ChatGPT but left in 2018 after disagreements with management.

In recent months, he has been critical of the company and its product, including the chatbot.
“As part of their investment, Microsoft received exclusive access to the entire OpenAI codebase,” Musk said on Twitter.

“ChatGPT is completely housed within Microsoft Azure. When it comes to pushing, they have everything including model weights,” he said in another tweet.

In January, Microsoft said in a blog post that it was expanding its long-standing partnership with OpenAI through a new “multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment”.

The deal will see Microsoft increase its investment in developing and deploying supercomputing systems to aid in OpenAI’s research.

Nearly two months later, the integration of OpenAI’s technology into Microsoft-owned Bing has led people to the less-used search engine and better compete with market leader Google in page visit growth, according to data from analytics firm SimilarWeb. it helped to do.

Page visits on Bing have increased by 15.8 percent since Microsoft Corp unveiled its artificial intelligence-powered version on February 7, compared with about 1 percent for the Alphabet-owned search engine, according to data as of March 20. There has been a decline.

Meanwhile, Vice News reported earlier this month that Mr. Musk is developing an alternative to ChatGPT, which he said has “awakened” a lot.

The outlet said Igor Babushkin, who left Google’s DeepMind AI unit, has been recruited by Mr. Musk to lead the development of a rival chatbot.

However, the project is still in a very early stage and not many details are available.


“Donated the first $100 million but…”: Elon Musk on OpenAI”

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