Doctors slam COVID government censorship exposed in ‘Twitter Files’: ‘On the road to totalitarianism’

Doctors slam COVID government censorship exposed in ‘Twitter Files’: ‘On the road to totalitarianism’:- Part 10 of the ‘Twitter Files’ reveals Trump, and Biden administration act to suppress dissenting COVID-19 views

The latest “Twitter files” release comes after medical professionals voiced efforts by both the Trump and Biden administrations to suppress views and opinions about COVID-19 that contradicted the White House’s official stance.

Independent journalist David Zweig tweeted the findings on Monday, pointing out that some ideas and questions about COVID-19 were suppressed by doctors and scientists during the pandemic.

“Dissident but legitimate content was labeled as misinformation, and the accounts of doctors and others were suspended for tweeting both opinions and apparently true information,” Zweig said.

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Mark Siegel criticized the government’s efforts to label legitimate concerns as “misinformation”.

“Very upset,” Siegel said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “Censorship, especially coming from the government, is on the road to authoritarianism.”

The Trump administration was reportedly trying to prevent panic when the pandemic emerged, a strategy Siegel argued didn’t work.

“I don’t think you can control panic by controlling information,” Siegel told host Griff Jenkins. “You create panic by doing this.”

The Biden administration reportedly focused on the spread of vaccine misinformation. Zweig shared an example of Dr. Martin Kulldorf, a professor at Harvard Medical School who was flagged for his view that children and people who are already infected with COVID-19 do not need to be vaccinated.

Dr. Siegel stressed the importance of free and open debate, especially in uncertain times like the pandemic.

Siegel clarified, “I actually don’t fully agree with [Kuldorff’s] statements about how he thinks the vaccine works.” “But you know what I believe? Their right to say so. Their right to say so on Twitter and wherever.”

Fox News contributor Dr. Marty Macari praised Kulldorf on Tuesday as being one of the “smartest, most precise minds” since the emergence of the pandemic.

He said Kulldorff served on the CDC’s advisory group on child vaccinations, but was then dismissed on Twitter for having a dissenting opinion.

“This is unfortunately the repair situation we need to be involved in,” Makari said on “Fox & Friends First.” “I think public health officials look really bad for this. The public needs an apology.”

Makari said that the solution to this issue of censorship is to remove the “gag rule” on government-employed scientists, who are prohibited from speaking directly to members of the media.

He then warned that pandemic-era censorship had a negative impact on science, and he called on the government to step up its misinformation.


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